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  • What is the cost of hiring a houseboat for a day in Kerala?

    Planning to take a trip to Kerala and stay on a houseboat for a day? Find out through the answers provided at this Ask Expert page about Kerala houseboat tour packages and daily costs.

    My friend is planning to go to Kerala for a function. He will have extra time there, and hence is planning to stay a day in a houseboat to enjoy in the midst of nature that is having a surrounded atmosphere on a river or in a coastal area. I would also like to know how much it would cost to hire a houseboat? What are the various houseboat packages? Any other details, such as if there are specific timings, etc would be helful.
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  • There are many tourist agencies through which houseboats can be booked in Kerala. Some of them are doing it online also.
    Generally one can share a houseboat of big size with other tourists or book a single bedroom houseboat for self and family.
    The hiring cost per day start from at least about Rs 5000 but can increase if the demand is more. So, it depends on the season of the year as what rates will be prevailing at that time. The rates depend on the type of houseboat also. For a deluxe one rates will start from about Rs 7000. For AC super deluxe it would further go up to Rs 11000 or more. Night hiring charges are more than day time. In Kerala October to March is the rush season and during that time prices would go up. One can choose some special activities also like fishing or romantic dinner etc. while on the houseboat. On request, special hourly rates are also available for those who have limited hours to spare. For 2-3 hours trip one has to shell out at least Rs 3 to 4 thousand.
    There are many agencies and sources for booking a houseboat in Kerala. Some of the popular ones are - Houseboats Services, Kochi; Lake India Houseboats, Alappuzha; Alappuzha Houseboats, Alappuzha; Southern Backwaters Houseboats, Kollam; Kerala Houseboats, Alappuzha; Pournami Houseboats, Alappuzha etc.

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  • Nowadays, Kerala state is in the top position in the case of coronavirus in India. If you are planning to go to Kerala then wait for some time till the situation gets normal. Almost 42? covid cases have been found in Kerala state and cases are rising day by day.
    If you want to know details regarding houseboat then all information available on the internet. Nowadays, houseboat booking is being done online. The cost varies from boat to boat. Non-Ac houseboat cost starts from 5000/-. While deluxe houseboat cost starts from 12,500 and goes up higher according to the available facility. And its cost also depends on the demand of people. Alleppey Houseboat rates are cheaper than Alleppey Houseboat Club. Houseboats can be booked directly on this website. All houseboat booking through alleppey houseboat club is verified and service quality is assured. Alleppey houseboat club provides good Kerala houseboat with better cruising and service with assured safety and security. There are different agencies for booking a houseboat in Kerala. Some of them are as follows:-
    1.Alappuzha Houseboats, Alappuzha
    2.Southern Backwaters Houseboats, Kollam. 3.Aleppey Houseboat, Alappuzha
    4.Kerala Houseboats, Alappuzha

  • You want to know the cost of hiring a boat for a day in Kerala.
    The size of the houseboat you select and the season in which you want to have it will decide the cost. During the winter season that is October to March, the hiring costs will be higher. Generally, the charges will vary from Rs.5,500 INR to 18,000 INR for a day trip. The rent may start from Rs.20,000/- for an overnight cruise. If you want additional activities like fishing, romantic dinner etc., you have to pay additional charges for them. If additional facilities like separate area for romantic dinner. Ac bedrooms etc will cost you additional money. You can make a decision based on your budget.
    There are facilities for booking the same online. There are many companies where you can book your houseboat.
    Some are mentioned below

    1. Johnson's Homestay - Ecohouseboat, Alleppey: This is just 2.1 km away from Thumpoly Beach. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is 3.3 km. The nearest airport is Kochi International.
    2. Xandari Riverscapes, Alleppey: They have a fleet of houseboats. They will sail along Vembanad Lake and in the backwaters of Alleppey.
    3. Soma Jyothi houseboats. Alleppey. This is Allepy. They have a number of boats. They offer AC accommodation with TVs.
    4. Premium Luxury Houseboat, Alleppey: This is situated near to Nehru Trophy Boat race and Nehru Trophy Finishing Point. They have luxury accommodations also.
    5.Aqua Castle Houseboat - by Aqua Jumbo Houseboats, Alleppey.
    You will get more details online.

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  • If interested to go to Kerala for enjoying the houseboat, it would be better to book the same through online where you can detailed information regarding the cost of hiring of a boat and other relevant details such as the its cost of booking for the entire day apart from the provision of their facilities. Even the hotel booking while staying over a particular place can be accomplished through online booking.
    However, you must take a cautious step in the current time due to the prevalence of the pandemic phase and you can defer your planning till the period of its normalcy.
    The best time to visit and enjoy houseboat is during the month of October to March but in that period, you may face heavy crowds because of prevalence of favourable weather during that period. The rate of the boat will vary depending upon the agency through which the same has been booked.
    Generally the charges during the winter will vary between Rs 6000/- and Rs 18000/- for a day and the same go upward depending your demand for other facilities such as fishing, romantic dinner etc.However there is enough room for the negotiation of the prices with the agency.
    You may go through the online mode also and can book your houseboat conveniently. Some of the best houseboats are as follows-
    1) Kerala Houseboat, Alapuzha, Kerala.
    Contact No - 09387827235.
    2) Happy Houseboat ( Kerala Tourism)
    Nileswar Kerala.
    Contact No- 0952620 0400
    3) Exotica Cruises Kerala, Alapuzha,
    Contact No - 0965 65554666.
    4) Allepy Backwater River house,
    Nedumudy , Kerala
    Contact No - 08075378209.

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