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  • How much will it cost to make an App for business purposes?

    Looking for advice on the costs of creating and developing an app for business? Learn about all the costs and expenses that would go into making an exclusive app for an online & offline business venture.

    I would like to know the cost of making an App for business as my friend is inquiring me about it to invest in it for his offline business as well as for online business too. Any suggestions/leads would be appreciated.
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  • Generally, it takes around two months for app development. But if the app is complex it may take more time. The app development costs across the globe are different. In Western countries, they may charge heavily and the costs in India will be comparatively less. There is no much demand for app developers in our country.
    Generally, the Apps will be of three types. They are Simple, Moderate and Complex
    Simple apps may take fewer man-hours. The number of people engaged will also be less. If a back-end database or API functionality is not required the cost may be less. Simple app development in India may cost around $5,000.
    Complex app development may require more time and manpower and hence may cost high. The cost maybe around $40,000. The cost will vary based on social media integrations, backend support and APIs.
    On the other end of the spectrum, complex apps will obviously require a lot more, and they can be around $40,000. However, you can charge premium fees for these kinds of apps, because of the complex functionality of social media integrations, backend support, and APIs.
    A moderate app will cost in between the prices of simple and complex apps.

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  • App development cost is determined on various bases like the complexity of the app, the purpose of as even in business you may have various purposes like B2B or B2C, the application you are using etc. There are two ways to launch an app, first one is outsourcing a firm to develop and monitor your app. Even this rate depends upon the firm you are hiring, which means if you are hiring good IT firms then they may charge a good amount of bucks per hour. There are three types of platforms at which your app can work, on IOS applications or Android and even both of them. If it is both IOS and android then it costs you more but the advantage of working in an IOS application is that you get a rich consumer base, so if you want to develop an app for luxuries then you can go for IOS applications, the user of which is more promising. The technicalities and complexities of an app also determine the cost of the app, more technical or would be it charges you more.
    Now, coming to the most important point that how much it charges you? There is a general product formula for calculating the cost of you are outsourcing your app development task which is: Total development time × Hourly rate. And the average estimated hourly rate in India is between 20 to 25 bucks. So now it depends upon complexities because the more complex app takes more time in development and it raises your cost. In general, there is no fixed cost to develop an app and even some IT firms are providing online toolkits to develop at a very minimal cost.

  • Mobile development would involve cost depending upon the several features being incorporated in the App. If one needs to have an App with the basic application, it will cost $4500 in India but with the medium complexity app, it may vary between $50000 and $70000.
    An App having complexed structure will cost beyond $ 2,00000.
    The time in completion of such App would depend upon the type of Application such as for the simple type, it would take roughly three to six months, and for the medium one, time consumed may vary between six and ten months depending upon service of the manufacturer and for the complex ones, it may take a time span of a year and this may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
    The most influencing factors affecting the development costs are as follows-
    1) Project type, CRM market plan, LMS etc.
    2) Type of features and functionality.
    3) Platform
    4) App Maintenance Cost and Additional Service.
    5) In house or outsourced development.
    6) Vendor's hourly rates. etc.

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