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    Signature mismatch in PAN Card and Aadhar Card

    Worried about the mismatch of signatures in your PAN Card and Aadhar Card? Quickly know whether or not this could create an issue with applications to study abroad and with financial transactions and how to fix it.

    I am a 22-year-old who has completed graduation and am planning to study abroad. While applying for my passport, I happened to be in a dilemma regarding the signature mismatch in my Aadhar and PAN cards. The signature that I've given in Aadhar in my earlier schooling is different from that I've given in my recent PAN card. Will both the signatures be valid for future processings/financial transactions/passport applications? Can both the signatures be different or should they be the same?
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  • A person's signature should be unique and it should be the same on all documents. You can't have different signatures on different documents. When you have to link your Aadhaar and Pan, if the signatures are not tallying some officers may object and you will get into the problem.
    So I suggest you change the signature on your PAn card and keep the same as that of the Aadhaar card. Changing the signature on PAN can be done online or offline. It requires specific forms, documents and charges. You can do the same online by following the following steps.
    Step 1:
    Visit the NSDL official website (
    Select the option of "Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data' from the Application Type. Fill in the application with asked for details.
    Step 2:
    Complete KYC. The site will guide you on how to complete this. See the various options and select which will suit you.
    Step 3.
    Select 'Signature Mismatch'.
    Provide details of your parents.
    Provide your complete address.
    For digital submission of the form and documents select 'Yes'.
    Upload the documents and signature.
    Submit the application.
    Step 4: Make the payment as mentioned on the site and wait for the PAN card to be delivered.

    Once you receive the new PAN Card you will not have the problem of signature mismatch.

    Alternatively, you can change your signature on the Aadhar card also. You can visit your nearest Aadhar centre and the person there will guide you.

    always confident

  • The Aadhaar card does not bear your signature.. Authentication based on Aadhaar card is based on bio metrics. So that verification is done by matching the fingerprints etc which your have given and recorded in your Adhaar card database. Hence you need not worry about the signature you have given for Aadhaar card. However you have to ensure that other details especially the name with spelling and spacing, and the address match with other documents .

    PAN card bears name and address, photo and signature. So the PAN details have more parameters and you may ensure that they are correct and update. If they are all correct and there is some difference in Aadhaar card,then it is relatively easier to rectify in Aadhaar card. After correction you may also ensure that both are linked too.

    As you have now doubts about the uniformity of your signatures, you may first visit your bank and give the latest signature with clarity after filling up the update KYC form. Then you may match and take up to update your PAN and other important documents with that specimen signature.

    You may visit NSDL website for details in updating PAN details.

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    PAN card have more importance in respect of signature. Aadhar card's signature authenticity is based on biometric that means It is verified by fingerprint. So, no need to worry about it. If your PAN card having different signatures then it may create problems in future. So, there is a need to rectify it for which you will have to complete some formalities. At first, for making required corrections you should visit NSDL official website for PAN update. Here, you will find all details regarding PAN step by step. You have to fill the application form. After filling application form, you should submit the form along with the required documents and signature.
    If you are eager to change your signature on the adhaar card also then visit the adhaar centre.

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    You need to maintain uniformity in respect of signatures in all your documents and the same thing is applicable for both Aadhar Card and PAN Card. Since your signature is not matching between the signature appearing on the Aadhar Card and the PAN Card, this needs to be resolved with your immediate rectification.
    You have not indicated when your PAN Card was made. Anyway, you need to ensure that the signature appearing in the PAN Card is matching with the signature provided to your Bank - accounts. In case of mismatch, correct firstly the signature of the Bank - account with the fresh KYC formalities.
    Then you have to go to NSDL site for updating your PAN Card with the latest signature with the fresh filling of the form appearing your signature at the end and finally submit the form along with latest photographs and prescribed fee. You will be issued a fresh PAN Card in lieu of the present one.
    Finally you will have to approach the Aadhar Centre for the correction of your signature. You need to submit an application indicating your latest signature and request the authority for the correction.
    In that way, mismatches can be eliminated from both Aadhar Card and PAN Card including your Bank Account.

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