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  • Can PUC of a bike registered to a different state be done in another state

    Unable to get a PUC certificate for a bike because it is originally registered in another State? Find out whether or not this is a genuine reason for not getting a PUC certificate as per the laws.

    I am having a bike (Honda Shine) registered to Jharkhand. I'm living in West Bengal and want to get the PUC certificate done in West Bengal itself. However, on visiting the PUC centre, I've been told that a Jharkhand-registered vehicle's PUC certificate can only be done in Jharkhand itself. Is this information valid or am I being scammed?
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  • All motor vehicles are required to be registered under a Regional Transport Office (RTO). This RTI registration is valid in that state only. Going for a short trip or going on tour with the vehicles registered in one state to other states is accepted. But if the vehicle is getting shifted to another state permanently, the vehicle is to be reregistered in the state where presently the vehicle is getting shifted. For this, you have to obtain a NOC from the state where the vehicle is registered. In your case, you have to obtain a NOC from Jharkhand. To obtain the NOC you have to submit the following to the RTO in whose office your vehicle is registered. You have given an application for NOC and you have to attach the following documents for your NOC.
    1. An attested copy of the vehicle's registration certificate
    2. Valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
    3. Insurance policy of the vehicle
    4. Receipts of the road tax payment
    5. A report from the police to prove that the vehicle was not involved in theft cases
    6. Applicable fee.
    Then the concerned authorities will give you NOC. Now you have to carry this NOC to the new state and you have to apply for reregistration in that state with this NOC. The following documents you have to submit for reregistration in the new state.
    1. Previous original registration certificate
    2. No Objection Certificate from the RTO under which the vehicle was previously registered.
    3. Form 27
    4. Form 20
    5.An attested copy of current address proof
    6. An attested copy of the vehicle's insurance certificate/policy
    7. An attested copy of the PUC certificate
    Once you submit they may register your vehicle there. Then only you are supposed to use the vehicle in your new place of registration. That may be the reason the PUC centre informed you like that.

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  • What I feel that when the vehicle registration and vehicle papers are duly valued in many states then why a PUC certificate should be a problem because pollution under control certificate must be given by the local authorities to facilitate running of the vehicle and one cannot go back to the home state for obtaining the same. Therefore the author can try for the PUC certificate in another place so that the work can be done.

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  • This is an issue about which there are some basic confusions and doubts in the minds of the people. Actually when we move from one state to another state due to change of our job or transfer or any other such reason then it is necessary for us to get the NOC of our vehicle from the RTO of the earlier state and then apply for registration in the new state as per the prescribed procedure and pay the registration fee etc and get a new registration number as available in the new state.
    The pollution certificate taken from the earlier state will be valid up to its validity date which is normally 6 months or 1 year. In case one is delayed in getting the vehicle registered in the new state and the pollution certificate is expired then a new pollution certificate will be issued by the RTO authorised pollution control centres in the new state. Some centres might not be aware of this and may be refusing for it but once one shows them the copy of application made for registration of the vehicle in the new state they will get convinced about it and issue the pollution certificate. If a person is not changing his vehicle registration in the new state and managing his vehicle with the registration number of the old state on the pretext that he has come here recently and going back soon then the pollution control centre might not give him the new certificate as the owner can have it after returning to the old state.
    Anyway till that time the old pollution control certificate issued by the earlier state will be valid till its validity date as these certificates are valid for all India basis and not only one particular state.

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