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  • Confused about CBSE UKG class age eligibility

    Unable to get admission for your daughter in UKG despite being the right age for enrollment? Know the reasons for this with expert advice on how to proceed further.

    My daughter was born in June 2017 and she went to nursery in the UK. Now that we are back in India, we are trying to enroll her in CBSE, India UKG class. But, I am being told by some schools that she should be 4.5 years old in March 2021 to enroll in UKG for this year (2021-2022). I researched and so far I found that she should complete 14 years to appear for the 10th CBSE board she would in December 2031. She would be appearing for her 10th exam in March 2032, if she is joining UKG this year. Then, why am I being told by some schools that she is only eligible for LKG based on her age? Could someone shed some light on this?
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  • The age limit for admission to LKG is 3 years 6 months as of 30th June of the year in which you are admitting the student. For admission to UKG, the age limit is 4 years 6 months as of June of the year in which you are admitting the student.
    Your daughter birth month and year are June 2017. She will be completing 4 years as of 30th June of 2021. So she will be falling short of 6 months for admission to UKG. Many schools will give exemption for these 6 months and arrange for admission. So it all depends on the decision of the school management. You have to talk to the higher management and see whether they will accept.
    As per the CBSE rules, the age limit for X Class is 14 years by the 1st October of that year in which students is doing his/her Class 10th. Your daughter will be completing her 14th year by 2031. So she can appear for the X class examination in 2032. So by admitting her to UKG this year she can appear for the 2032 examinations.

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  • As per CBSE guidelines, the minimum age limit should be 14 years for appearing in class10 the exam, as of 31st December of the year of examination. As mentioned above, your daughter is born in June 2017. So she would appear for class 10th examination in 2032. Therefore, following guidelines you should get her admission into UKG this year so that she could appear for class 10 the examination in 2032.
    For admission into UKG, the minimum age limits are 4 years and 6 months as of March 31 of the academic session. But, her age is 8 months less to get admission into UKG. Many schools are seen giving exemptions regarding age and take admission. So, you should contact school management.

  • For admission to UKG the prescribed lower age limit in CBSE is 4 years and 6 months as of 30th June of the academic year. It means that for the academic year 2021-22 the children born after 31st December 2016 are not eligible for the admission to UKG. In your case as your daughter was born in June 2017, she is falling short by about 6 months less from that eligibility level. The school management can give some relaxation is this regard but generally that is limited to only 30 days.

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  • Since your daughter was born in June 2017 and in that way her age on 30 th June in the current year would be 4 years only indicating a shortfall of 6 months in terms her eligibility for admission to UKG. To satisfy this criteria, any child born before 31 st December 2016 are eligible for admission provided they don't exceed the upper limit of the age for the prescribed limit set for admission.
    However, your daughter may be considered for admission to UKG in some schools despite her shortfall of age by 6 months. You may approach a different school for her admission in the said class.

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