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  • Is it possible to take up software job after doing biomedical engineering?

    Want to switch your career path from biomedical engineering to software development or web designing? Get an understanding of what this entails and whether it will get you a suitable job.

    I am doing my B. Tech. in the second year in the Biomedical field, but I am not interested in biomedical engineering from the very first moment I walked into the college. I was always interested in PC n Internet things. So I think I should go for web designing or software development and am planning to learn. However, I am feeling a little bit of tension. Am I doing the right thing by switching?
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  • It is seen in many cases that when it comes to making a career the person's interests and likings become a crucial factor. You are a science student and have studied science in your 10+2 level so you should not have any difficulty in switching to the computer area. But there are some points that are to considered and thought over meticulously before going to take such a step.
    You are already pursuing a course which has good career options so it would not be advisable to leave it half way and as per your query it appears that you will be switching to the area of your choice only after completing it.
    This aspiration will require some good homework and equally good hard work because in addition to the current studies in biomedical area you will have to spare time for learnings in computer area. Fortunately nowadays so many courses are available online that you can join them part time and gain knowledge in basic coding, web designing, animation, networking, mobile applications etc depending upon your interest and liking. These areas are very interesting but there are so many students and professionals learning them that when it comes to search and get a job the competition is quite high. So, until one gets good proficiency in it the chances of making a successful career will diminish. So, these aspects are to be fully understood that you will have to learn at least 2-3 languages like Java, C, Python etc for going ahead in this area comfortably. There are advanced applications available for web designing and web applications but all that comes after learning the basic computer utilities for which short courses are available in plenty.
    In this site itself there is an 'Institute' section where such trainings are mentioned alongwith the name of the institute delivering them and that would be very helpful to you to know more about them and may be you can select a few from that for your learnings.
    Just to encourage you in the matter, I want to share that in old times there was no computer trainings but many of us learnt it after getting our jobs sometimes due to interest and other times due to compulsions and learnt those classical languages like Basic, Fortran, COBOL, Pascal etc which are not in current use now but very popular at that time. Then we learnt MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint which helped us doing our work effectively.
    So, the point is that if you are interested in switching to computer and IT area then you will have to spare a lot of time for learning the current knowledge elements which are being sought after by the students for making a career in this niche field.
    There are immense opportunities in software and IT area and only thing is commensurate hard work and focussed approach. If you have real liking and interest in this field you can definitely achieve your cherished goals.

    Knowledge is power.

  • A straight answer is 'Yes'. Being an Engineering student, you may be aware that there would be common subjects for all the students of different streams and the basic computer languages like C, C++ are taught in the first two semesters. Learning other Computer languages and the principles of Coding etc would be more beneficial to all the students other than CSE so that they can get selected in the Software fields at the time of Campus placements. Generally, the selecting Company would impart necessary training and you need not be worried about lack of knowledge in Software development and Web designing.

    Remember the very fact that you are now in (for a course in Bio-medical engineering), whether you like it or not but its more important to learn the elements of the course which you opted for. Getting into a job of your choice is secondary. As you are expected to face an interview and participate in GD for any nature of job, you should have some strength in your own subject and GK as well.


  • No, I would not suggest you to leave your course in its half way because of your immense interest in the computer field. You might have taken feedback of your friends engaged in the computer profession despite the fact that they were from the different streams such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil etc but that are ultimately successful in the current profession.
    The IT Employers are on the look out for the right talents having visions for the execution of the projects within their hands. Moreover, they would recruit such aspirants who could maintain image and rapport of their company. Hence you should wipe out your confusion hovering in your mind.
    From your side, three basic qualities are required namely- your patience and ability to go through the tools to click the job, your ability to converse with the people connected with IT Industries effectively in your given area and lastly your innovativeness striving you to achieve excellence in your allocated projects.
    Hence in no way, your current course- Biomedical Engineering is creating any dislocation in your career horizon. What is required from your end is to show your impressive performance in this area apart from your good communication skills in your English language to impress your clients and boss in your related area of your job. Be familiar with the current events by going through some established papers like Hindu, Times of India etc where you would come across the latest events. In case, you lack in the effective communication skills, join some professional institute to enhance your skill.
    If you could take up some training in the computer languages such as Java, C, C ++, Pythons etc for updating your skills, it would be preferable. You would be surprised to know that some member on the board may ask you different topics related to Biomedical Engineering to assess your inherent potentials. Moreover, they have the personnel department to take care of enhancement of skills through the different tools through which you can raise their outputs.

  • I would suggest you to complete B. Tech. (Biomedical) which is really demanding one compare to your interest in technical one which has huge competition already across.

    You can again continue to pursue M.Tech in Technical one once you completed the current B.Tech (BioMedical). That way, either Degree / Master Degree would help you to choose the right career in the future as per your choice. In fact, huge competition in Tech career compare to BioMedical specially.

    Also, as a part time, you can even learn the Software / Hardware or IoT or Web-designing as per your interest and do it practically by spending very few hours daily. Don't divert yourself from the current selection of the education syllabus. Nothing much confusion on this.

  • It would not be a prudent decision to leave the course halfway. At the time of choosing the subject where were you? Why did you take up these subjects whereas you had an interest in a software job? As per my suggestion, at first, you should complete your degree in biomedical. Your subject is job oriented so you should focus on that. You will get a lot of job opportunities in biomedical engineering. After completing you would be eligible for also. After that, you can decide where do you want to go.
    After completing this course still, you are crazy about the software field then you can try for that. Nowadays many software-related online courses are going on. You can join for your skill development. Then, there are many software companies where you can apply for taking a job.

  • In addition to your engineering graduation you have to do computer course in order to cope up with the software job expectations. You can approach the job in software side like medical billing etc., My advise is to get a job in the studied line itself as the bio medical engineering is a rare course and many hospitals are looking hands in this line.

  • It is always advisable that before taking any course, first look at your interest area in which you can work passionately and then also have a look at the job opportunities and scope of that course. But as told by you, you have taken two distinct areas and also realised your mistake after a very late as if you switch this course at present then these two years of your life can never be compensated. Your subject area has a very wide scope and there is very less supply of such engineering graduates. So, it is advisable to curb your interest area at present and complete your B.Tech. once you are done with this you should search for a job of having your startup. In meantime, you can do some diploma courses from some online platforms or training institutes in computer science, and whatsoever in which you are interested. Adding skill to yourself is good but always remember such a skill doesn't waste your time as saving time is also a skill.

  • First of all, when you are selecting a course and a college, you should think about what is your interest and accordingly, you should select the course. For example, if you are interested in IT-related jobs you should select B.Tech/BE I CSE/ IT. But you joined in Bio-Medical Engineering and now you are in your second year. If you want to change your branch now you may lose valuable two years. So don't change the course now and continue studying.
    As you are interested in doing IT-related jobs, try to do some certificate programmes related to that field during your free time or in the evenings. By doing this by the time you complete your BTech, you will also have some skills in the IT field also. So your chance of getting a job in the IT field will improve with those skills. B.Tech/B.E in biomedical engineering graduates are also considered for recruitment in IT companies.
    Biomedical engineering is also a very good subject and getting the attention of many people. You will have plenty of chances to get a good job in the related field also. So concentrate fully on the studies and complete the degree. Simultaneously obtain some skills and do projects which require both the skills and that will give you an added advantage.

    always confident

  • The software industry places a high importance on critical thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis skills, which I acquired while earning my degree.
    Despite the fact that programming wasn't a major in my degree, I learned how to do it through formal training programmes and self-study.
    During my engineering studies, I learned the fundamentals of programming languages like Python and Java.
    My degree in biomedical engineering, in my opinion, makes me particularly well-suited for this position.
    Software development for healthcare applications and employing technology to address medical issues are two areas in which I have a particular interest.
    I am a quality assurance engineer for software project that are not related to biomedical field , but via projects, I have expanded my knowledge and expertise in this new domain.

    So in my opinion you can do a software job if it's what you think you will enjoy doing more. There are many CSE graduates who don't
    take the software jobs too

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