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  • Changing caste category from father's to mother's

    Want to mention your mother's caste category instead of that of your father for the purpose of academics, job, etc? Know how to make the change a valid one as per the laws.

    I am a 19-year-old boy studying in the first year of college. My mother is from the general category and my father is from the SC category. In the future, I want to go with the general category, because personally, I don't like always having to put the father's caste category. After all, mothers have the same impact on us and society, and inspite of being a boy I don't like any kind of male chauvinism. So as per my thinking, everyone should have a personal opinion and decision on having their caste. So, in the future what can I do to go on as a general category? What is the procedure?
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  • It is practice in our country that the son's caste and religion is as per father's. Registration in this connection is normally given according to the father's caste/religion. you can approach your local village head to issue certificate on your mother's caste with proof of your mother's caste. Though it is not correct to give so, the Village Head may issue on seeing your situation and on compassion ground.

  • You can get a caste certificate of the general category on the ground that your mother is from the general category. Normally the caste certificate is issued considering the caste of the father. You would be required to write an application addressed to Village Pradhan requesting him to do the needful in this regard.
    You will have to attach a photocopy of your mother's caste certificate along with roe application.
    He will verify the facts and he can even make an enquiry from the village Pradhan where she has taken birth or alternatively her matriculation certificate would be sufficient to indicate her caste status. You may produce a photocopy of her matriculation certificate to justify her caste alternatively.

  • There is a government order issued on this subject in the year 1975. As per this order. The order says
    "The children born out of the marriage between parents of two different castes shall be considered to belong to either the caste of the father or the caste of the mother based on the declaration of the parent/s."
    So as per this order, your parents can decide to declare your caste from any one of the two.
    The Revenue Department officers will issue appropriate Community Certificates to the children born two couples belonging to two different castes based on the eligibility and parents declaration.
    Now you have to approach the MRO and apply for a caste certificate, choosing the caste of your mother. That application should have the signatures of your parents also. Then you can attach a copy of the valid caste certificate of your mother. Then MRO will conduct the required enquiry and issue you a caste certificate. He may ask for a copy of your mother's caste certificate.

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  • It is a general practice that for the child the caste of the father is adopted whether the parent's marriage was in the same caste or intercaste. In most of the communities it is traditionally followed like that. As per the present law in the matter the caste of the child can be kept in any category either father or mother and it has definitely implications in an intercaste marriage. You are already having the caste of your father and now if you want to go for a change in it to the caste of your mother which is a general category the it would require an official change and has to be duly approved by the local Govt authority dealing in the caste certificate issuance and management.
    The procedure for this is that one has to apply for this change and that has to be substantiated by the declaration made by the parents about their respective castes. As there is some procedure and some affidavits and documents will have to be submitted in the concerned office (either the revenue department or local caste certificate issuing authority), it would be better if the services of a lawyer are hired for this change who would guide you to follow the process properly.

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