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  • Seeking Information on second bachelor's degree after Masters

    Facing an issue with low marks in graduation? Wnat to know if it is worth pursuing another degree in ODL mode to score better? On this page, our experts have provided answers to your question.

    I have done my PG degree on Computer Application. But I have low marks in Graduation and also it is lateral entry Graduation. I am facing lots of problem for that. I want to pursue another Bachelor's degree in Math through ODL mode. Can I pursue the same? If yes then will my current PG degree remain valid or not?
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  • I must congratulate you on having completed your PG degree on Computer Application. It is really a right career for you but this alone would take you far away but the other parameters such as your degree of MCA, your final aggregate in the said examination and the rapport of the university were to be indicated to provide me your detailed input.
    You are right in the sense that you must have a graduation degree with you matching caliber at the degree level so that you achieve an uniformity in each stage of your academic qualification.
    You have indicated that you want to take up your graduation afresh with a view to improvement of your performance of the graduation stage which you could not show earlier.
    You can go ahead with such a planning but you need to ensure that your degree of graduation with the combination of Mathematics should be from a recognised university having UGC affiliation. If you are thinking of achieving the same through the distance mode, you can opt for the same through IGNOU because of their excellent coverage of study material apart from their guidance in respect of your doubts pertaining to the course materials in their session of doubt removal session arranged by the the university. The course duration is for one month in each calendar year to wipe out your prevailing doubts.
    Considering these advantages, you can go in for such a degree from IGNOU.

  • Already you have a PG degree in computer applications. That is a good field and you will have a great career if you go to a standard IT company. Your score in graduation is not at your satisfaction level. So you want to do graduation at an open university or distance.
    That is a good idea. Even though you do now your Graduation, your earlier PG qualification will be intact. There are many universities offering graduation by distance mode also. IGNOU is one of the best options you have. Anna University distance education is also very famous and standard. So you can think of anna university also. There are many universities for doing graduation. You can select the one which suits you. Before finalising the institute
    please verify their website and see they have UGC recognition.

    always confident

  • Having a PG degree in computer application is Indeed a good degree from a career point of view. You will get a lot of opportunities If you make a carrier in this field. As mentioned above, you are having very poor marks in graduation and again want to go for the same degree through distance mode. So, you can take degrees through distance mode. There are many universities such as IGNOU, Annamalai University etc which provide graduation degrees in distance mode. Before joining any institute, you should check whether it is UGC recognised or not.

  • There are some reputed institutes from where one can do another graduation degree through correspondence mode and that could be a good idea to go for that for bringinging uniformity in ones academic credentials. But if that is the only consideration and that is not going to add value for changing your job to move to greener pastures or getting a raise in the present employment then this scheme might not give good returns. Still, it is possible to do that in the subject of one's choice and liking.
    You have already secured a Masters degree in computer applications and if you enhance your qualification in that niche area that would fetch better results for you for making a good career ahead. Why I am suggesting this is because in today's world the past qualifications and their scores many times does not matter if you have the requisite skills and know-how in the industry as desired by the changing business environment. The area of computer applications is very vast and newer opportunities are arising for professionals. The computer canvas is dotting with artificial intelligence and machine manipulations of high order and systems and applications coding is getting more and more important day by day. In this scenario enhancing one's skills in the newer areas and learning the comparatively newer computer languages like Python would fetch more rewards in coming times. Areas like Data Science, Digital Marketing, SEO aspects, Software development, and web applications etc are also getting the attention of many companies and good job prospects are emerging there for the prospective candidates having acquired various such qualifications in this area.
    If going for the second graduation, as proposed by you, is giving you some specific advantage then it is your take to follow that line of thought but I would recommend some short courses related to the futuristic patterns in the IT industry where the real career growth is seen as per the present speculations and forecasts in the industry.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Your post-graduation is in the good field that is a computer which can give you a bright career option. I don't think that after post graduation you should have any problem related to low marks in graduation. Still, if in some cases you have a bachelor's degree becoming the first priority and because of this you are worried about your marks, then of course you can take a bachelor's degree again with any other interesting subject, anyway study or If there is no learning age then you can apply for the course anytime. If you want, you can choose between Regular or Private. You will get many options for regular, but if you want to take courses through distance learning, corresponding or private medium, then you have the option of both SMU and IGNOU universities among the best options. You can choose any of the above two universities according to your respective subject.

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