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  • CBSE age criteria for 1st standard in 2021-2022 academic year

    Are you looking for admission for your ward in Class 1, CBSE syllabus, for the academic year 2021-22? Do you have any confusion as to the age criteria and whether your ward is eligible for admission to Std 1? Please follow this thread for details.

    I want to know the age limit for taking admission in standard 1. My son was born on 11 June 2016 and we are planning to take admission for 1st standard in the academic year 2021-22. As I started searching for schools, I have seen that the age criteria prescribed by different schools vary. Now I am confused. What exactly is the required age for 1st standard in the academic year 2021-22 with cutoff month.

    Please give me your suggestions, is he eligible for 1st standard or UKG and what is the age with cutoff month?
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  • As per CBSE norms, the minimum age for admission in class 1st is 5 years on and before 31 March of the respective year. As told by you, your son was born on 11 June 2016, so he attained the age of 5 years after 31 March 2021. Therefore, he is eligible for UKG class. Now, many schools in this regard give admission to such students but some large private schools and central government schools, for instance, Kendriya Vidyalayas are strict to these norms and according to them he is eligible for class 1st in the year 2022.

  • A candidate should complete 5 years by 31st of March of the year in which he is asking for admission into 1st standard,
    Your son's date of birth is 11th June 2016. So he will be completing his 5th year by 11th June 2021. As per rule your son will not attain the minimum age prescribed on the date mentioned. So he has to be admitted into UKG only. But the difference in age is only 3 months. Many schools give exemption and allow admission. That all depends on school management. So try some other schools where the management may agree to admit your son into ist standard.

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  • Thank you so much for for your valuble information.

    1. if admitted in the 1st standard now, is there chance to get any issues at 10th board exam time?
    2. Actually now he was Continuing LKG, UKG and now 1st standard in State syllabus,can we switch him into CBSE in the next year?
    3. If switch next year, is there any issues like Regular student or Private student ?

    Please suggest me.

  • As per CBSE guidelines, the minimum age should be 5 years for admission to class 1 as on 31st March of the respective year.
    As mentioned above, your son's DOB is 11th 2016. So, he would complete 5 years on 11 June 2021. As you know, CBSE academic year starts from march onwards and till then yours ward age would be less than 5years. So, you will not be eligible for std 1. You will be permitted to take admission into UKG only. Some school are very strict in this regard but some give exemption. So, once you should contact school management.

  • As per the central board of secondary education (CBSE) rules, the minimum age to appear in the 10th board exam is 14 years as of 31st December of the year of examination. Your son will come to X class in March 2031 if he is admitted to the first class this year. He will be completing his 14th year in June 2030. So there will not be an issue for appearing in 10thclass examinations.

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  • As per the prevailing regulations of CBSE, the minimum age for admission to class 1 is five years and the same is reckoned on 31 st March of the year for the calculation purpose of the age.
    As mentioned in your submission the date of birth of your child is 11 th June 2016 indicating a shortfall of three months for his eligibility for admission in class one standard. However, this is not the strict guidelines since there are many schools offering you a concession for such a shortfall relating to his age. You may make an enquiry of the same from the other schools near your vicinity and find the one where your son is likely to get a seat for class one.

  • The minimum age for the admission of the child is fixed at 5 years and there has been no new change in it in the last few days, so there should not be any problem in admission on this basis. Still, as you mentioned that this information is getting preference in different schools, then the best solution would be to first make sure that in which school you want to get your child admitted and after that from the site of that school. Get proper information. Sometimes some information is given on websites etc. in such a way that people get confused, so it would be best if you go to the concerned school and talk to its staff and get complete information. By doing this you will not have any kind of confusion and will also get complete information.

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