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  • How to stop software update in MS Windows 10

    Wondering how to stop a software update in Windows? Looking for detailed steps to do so? Check out thisp age where our experts have responded to your question.

    There is an auto-update of Windows 10 operating system in the system but it updates on the system while switch-on or off time. I would like to change the setting for auto-update in a different time other than working time. How to do it?
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  • Generally in Windows 10, updates will get downloaded automatically and will also get installed in the computer. This is intended to update the system against the various vulnerabilities to which system is sometimes exposed due to bugs or malicious things. It is recommended to use that feature of auto update.
    Anyway, if someone wants to stop it then there are some facilities provided in the Windows 10 environment and one can use them to stop the auto updates. One simple way is to go to the 'Settings' and click on 'Update & Security'. From the menu select by clicking on 'Windows Update'. After this one will see an option for 'Pause update' and there one can select that for a maximum period of up to 35 days and system would not update it till that date. This feature can be used to stop the updates for some time and then it is advisable to off this setting by selecting 'Resume update'.
    So, if one wants it for a shorter time then simply resume it after that particular time and later while using it again pause it so that it does not disturb while one is working.

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  • Do you want to disable software updates in MS Windows 10 permanently or temporary for a certain time period? The Local Group Policy Editor is available on Windows 10 Pro. This can be used to permanently stop updating the software. You can follow the following procedure for the same.
    1. Search for www. gpedit. msc. Launch the Local Group Policy Editor.
    2. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update. You have navigate through the above path.
    3. Then you have to double click Configure Automatic Updates on the right side.
    Instead of permanently disabling if you want to do it temporialy you can follow the following procedure.
    > Open Settings.
    2. Click on Update & Security.
    3. Click on Windows Update.
    4. Click the Advanced options button. A drop down list will come and in that you will find Pause updates. Click on that. Then the system will ask till what time you want to pause. You can select the date in the box provided. The updates will not happen till that date.

    4. You will see an option there 'Disable". You select that option . Once you do that you will stop permanently updating the software.
    5. Click on apply button and then on OK button.
    After some period if you want to enable you can do by following the same procedure. But instead of selecting disabled you can select not configured option.

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  • I also admit that the automatic Windows updates in Windows 10 is a nuisance when we are working. Hence we need a breathing space without compromising the quality and security. For this the following suggestion is given.

    Under windows Update settings you can click on 'Change Active hours' and give the time suited to you. However you have to ensure that the system and the internet connectivity is also on and available. You can also pause automatic updates for a few days(maximum 35 days) by clicking Advanced options ----> pause updates.

    However it is always better not to pause updates , but give the suitable hours under active hours a said earlier.
    Otherwise you can tick ON update notifications under Advanced options to get notice of a need to restart your system for finishing update.

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