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  • More capital letters in signature

    Is there any standard norms for usage of capital letters in signature? Worried if it is not valid nad one needs to change the signature? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My name is Arun S P, so usually I add my initials ( S P) in my signature as a part of signature. So is there any problem regarding this? Is there any need of changing my signature just because of adding my initials as capital letters in signature. Because I heard that only first letter of the signature should be capital.
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  • There is no specified standard style or format for signature. It should be unique to be identified as your own signature. The basic essentiality is that there should be consistency in the signature. The signature we put today should not be different rom yesterday's. It is a unique and one's own authentication marking. Most people use their name of part of their name in signature and write it in various styles. But many people sign with just few strokes, wavy lines and dots and dashes.
    Even if one signs on a large size paper or a small tear sheet, the signatures should properly correspond and relate in proportion. Genuine signatures will have such relation and proportion even if done many times and in various documents.
    However it is advisable not to sign with all capitals, as such signatures may be easy to copy and misuse. One more thing to note is that it is preferable to sign in one stage as a continuity without taking of the pen before ending.

    If you had given your signature in important documents in a particular style and form and there is not much variation from the earliest signatures and present one, then it is better not to change your signature now, but continue as you are signing now.

  • There are no guidelines for making our own signatures. The signature should be unique and wherever we sigh it should be similar. We can't change our signature from document to document. So we should decide how it should be and use the same in all places.
    The signature should be as tricky as possible and it should be difficult for others to forgery your signature. That is why many people sign in a very different way and we may not be even able to read what they have signed. Generally, people will not use capital letters in signatures. But we can use them also. There is no rule. But it is very easy for people to copy the signature of your sign very clearly with capitals and dots after each capital.
    You can make your signature in your mother tongue also and nobody will object to it. We should be very careful in finalising our signature and we should use the same very carefully.

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  • There is no such guidelines how one should put ones signature. However, there must be uniformity in your signature and this is the essential criteria. In our bank accounts, the cashier or the officer paying us cash would thoroughly verify the signature one has put in ones cheque with the specimen signature provided initially while opening the bank - account. Any deviation found by way of difference in the style of the signature would cost one dearly. Even the officials may refuse the payment.
    Hence it is always better to maintain consistency in respect of ones initials. One can retain the style of signature at all costs to avoid any embarrassment. One should keep a specimen signature photocopied and the same should be preserved as ones personal copy for reference purpose. The other precaution needed in this respect is to avoid excess capital letters in ones signature format.

  • The main thing which is important in respect of signature of the person is that it should be same whenever one signs. It is a type of one's identity. It also has a characteristics of the persons writing and it is not easy to copy it. That is why Bank officials and other officials can generally find out the forged or fraud signatures on the documents. There is no set rule for signing and there is no particular format for it. Some people sign in short while some sign by mentioning all the initials and also the surname. Some make a line under their sign while some do not. Every up and down and every curve in the sign is an important marker for the person who is examining it for its validity. So, in your case you should not bother for your sign whether it has one initial or two but keep a care that you should keep them consistent and do not change them. Some people are careless about their signatures and do different ones at different times. This is to be avoided at any cost as it would raise doubt and would require confirmation especially from the banking staff.

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  • A signature is everyone's own identity. It should be specific so that no one can copy your signature. There is no guideline for signature. You can do it in your style. But one thing keeps in mind that everywhere signature should be the same. It should not be varied from document to document. Otherwise, especially in the case of bank document problems may arise. The basic requirement in the case of signature is consistency. Moreover, try to put your signature in short form. It is not an essential criterion but just a suggestion. Many people put signatures in details just like writing names. This way it is not preferred as more chances to be forged by another person. The signature should be unique and short.

  • Signature plays the most important role when we talk about any document, paper or any legal documents. . Signature not only reveals our identity but also proves our decisions. A signature is a part of every legal decision in your life so sometimes people get confused. But no rule has been made for signature, how we sign or how not. The most important thing in relation to signature is that you should make your signature in such a way that no one can misuse it illegally.

    There is no restriction on the number of capital letters you can include in your signature. The special precautions that any person should take in the matter of signature are as follows.
    1. Don't sign by simple or just simple spelling of the name, try to make it a bit complicated so that no one can copy your signature easily.
    2. Keep in mind that before finalizing someone, practice it many times and use it in document or id, etc., otherwise there is a fear of forgetting.
    3. Do not make the signature so complicated that you may have trouble understanding it later.
    4. Some people also pay attention to the pattern of the line etc. while making the signatures, lest you ever draw the line-up or down, every small point in the signature also has importance, so be careful.
    5. Your signature is your identity and cannot be changed every now and then.

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