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  • How to get into the freelancing industry as a newbie?

    Are you a newbie in the freelancing industry? Wondering is it worth it and if so how to begin? scroll through this page where our experts have provided detailed seet of guidelines to join this industry.

    Due to the covid-19 pandemic, people across the world have suffered immensely lost jobs. India is no different in this situation and some other problems. Many people are already turned to freelancing to overcome the losses suffered due to the pandemic.

    So I'm also thinking of the freelancing industry want to know the trending skills that I need to learn for freelancing and the platform from India or other countries, where I, as a newbie should begin.

    Looking forward to the answers from experts already in the freelancing industry.
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  • Unlike a regular job, freelancing is not a job that gives you a fixed income every year. It all depends on your skill sets and the way you find your clients and get work from them. Freelancing is a business but not a job. In one month the income will be very good and the other month the income may be very less.
    Freelancing can be done in various areas and the area will depend on your skills, qualifications and experience. An experienced and qualified person can look for freelancing opportunities in his own field only. So you have to put in a lot of effort to find the jobs online that suits your skillset and then contacting the concerned and getting orders from them. Then you have to work and complete the order in time and in a better way so that the organisation will keep on giving you the works. In India, some people are earning more than 2 lakhs a month as a freelancer and some people are earning just a few hundred a months also. It all depends on the efforts the individual is putting on.
    The following are the steps one had to follow for getting established as a freelancer.

    1. Please define your goals. Please understand why you want to become a freelancer. It is always better to start freelancing as part-time work and then getting established as a full-time worker. If you are fully dependent on earnings in this field, you may be in a hurry to complete the works and you may not be able to concentrate on the quality of the work.
    2. Decide on the skills in which you have the expertise and start working on that. If you start acquiring new skills now it may take more time for you to establish yourself as a freelancer in that area. So list out the skills you have and start working in those areas. Simultaneously you can get new skills that will add value to your candidature to get more and more works.
    3. Make internet browsing and make a list of clients whom you can contact in the areas of your interest.
    4. Then make a resume of you in such a way that the needs of the clients will be appearing in your resume and you should send it as a service offering to the companies concerned. This resume will show how your skillset will be useful to those clients and how you fit into their needs.
    5. Take all legal actions that are required to start your own business as a freelancer
    6. You create a web page and make your own portfolio visible there with the mention of all your achievements.
    7. Find out your clients. You have to do it by surfing the internet. You can try for work directly to the company or you can also work under a person who already got some jobs with him.
    8. Spread a word to your contacts and other networks that you are starting as a freelancer and ask for their help. Never hesitate to ask,
    These steps may give you some good results and you may establish yourself as a freelancer.

    always confident

  • You need to decide yourself, you are good at what? Skill? Time management etc.

    1. Sign up in a different Freelancer websites. Or, email or contact the person who published the (matching) project on Social Media websites.

    2. Create your profile in Freelance websites or create Blog for it.

    3. Search for the suitable projects online and start bidding.

    4. Once the client is accepted your bidding, start to work with dedication and complete the task on-time.

    5. Wait and receive the payment.

    6. Get the star rating or feedback that would help you to get the other new clients.

    7. Contact existing client for the next project or Search for a new client for other similar projects.

    Please note, you may or may not earn a lot initially but if you get a reputed client/s who gives you continuous project then you can enjoy the perk.

    You can also expand your service gradually by adding few more manpower on temporary basis. All in all, your service, star rating, client feedback/comment on profile etc. would determine the future client and projects.

  • If you want to establish yourself in the freelancing industry then first important thing is to develop your skill. In which field do you have good knowledge. First of all, you have to sign up on different freelancer websites. Next to it, create your profile on the website. After acceptance from the client, you can start work here. Here, income is not fixed. It completely depends on the skill and calibre within you. If you want to earn more money then try to complete your task on time. As it is a business professional so your hard-working nature would give more benefit.

  • Freelancers are generating good revenue and that's why it becomes a centre of attraction for those who are searching for some part-time work. Always keep in mind that this is also required good knowledge and a lot of effort. Moreover, continuity also matters in it, the more continuous you are with your work the more you can establish in the market and would be able to develop a good client base which would enhance your goodwill and work experience of your clients with you. Entering into freelancing industry is easy,
    1)Select your interest area. Many people think of freelancing only as a writer. But it is consists of various fields in which you can earn even in pastimes.
    2)You can sign up with various freelancing websites available. Moreover, you can develop a blog of yourself or you can refer your freelancing clients about your id from your blog if you have already one. Also, the freelancing websites provide various subscription options to promote your bids so that you can get a start in the market. Once, you are established you can stop taking such subscriptions.
    3)After completing all prerequisites you can bid on various projects available. You can also refer to your contacts about yourself so that if they have any work then they can give it to you. In the initial days, you have to work hard to get work.
    4)If the employer finds your bid appropriate then he can contact you with the contact provided by you at the site and assign the task. Always keep in mind that do the assigned work on time. This not only shows your punctuality but also your dedication to your work. Your, amount would be automatically credited to you once you complete your task.
    5)Never forget to remind your clients to provide feedback. This feedbacks would be able to get traffic on your freelancing accounts because generally, companies try to assign tasks to those freelancers who are having a good client base.

    Moreover, freelance websites conduct time to time contests in which you can participate and earn cash rewards. So, even it is difficult enough you should work with full dedication and take it as a part-time job because there is no security of getting regular work.

  • There is no mandatory market entry. You can choose to dive right in by writing guest posts on blogs or working on an advertising campaign.

    Essentially, you don't need to invest much time before you can get started. Most newbie freelancers fall into the advertising model. They manage to accumulate clients by working on ads for other businesses. That is essentially advertising on another entity's blog or website.

    If you wish to work on bigger projects or jobs that require you to do more research and effort, you may need to start as a contract worker first.

    However, the sooner you join the field as a freelancer, the better.

    According to George W. Pefs, Jr., founder of PefsSpan, a Westchester, New York-based digital marketing agency:

    "Success as a freelancer starts as soon as you get on the path. There is no better way to acquire skills than to do it yourself, to have the ability to self-starter is as important as a full-time job."

    What kind of jobs can You get as a freelancer?

    You can create a portfolio and list your services on some of the major platforms. Among these are freelancer platforms such as, Elance, Guru, and Upwork.

    You can work on a variety of job categories:

    Vendor services: anything related to the field of your expertise. For example, you can be an account manager of a financial firm. You can also work as a graphic designer for a marketing agency.

    Conversion optimization: work on improving sales for your business. For example, you may be in the process of improving your store's website's conversion rate.

    Customer support: helping your customers find the information they need. You can also work as a freelancer for helpdesk agents.

    Marketing: helping other businesses with their marketing campaigns. For example, you may write content for a digital marketing agency.

    Social media: improving your company's presence on social media by curating the content on your personal social media accounts.

    When you have enough experience and training, you can get into higher-paying job categories.

    What kind of investments are required to start a freelancing career?

    Start with a portfolio, a list of online-based companies, and a portfolio of sample work. You will require capital in the form of funds to fund your freelancing career.

    Freelancers must always be ready to pay upfront to get paid. However, the choice of investments also depends on your financial goals.

    Weighing these factors, you should choose the best funds for your portfolio:

    The best investments for a freelancer's portfolio include working capital funds and long-term investments such as a peer-to-peer lending platform.

    Long-term investments can help a freelancer gain exposure to his/her services, building a strong portfolio. However, investing in a peer-to-peer lending platform also has its disadvantages.

    How much money do you need to invest for a freelancing career?

    As stated earlier, starting as a freelancer will require you to invest upfront. The initial investments depend on your income and market.

    But as you gain more experience and learn to manage your personal finances, you can make necessary changes to meet your financial goals.

    It is good to know your basic financial goals, such as starting a home or car loan, saving up for emergencies, and creating a retirement plan for yourself.

    For example, if you wish to retire at 50 years old, you should have a target amount that you need to put aside every month. You may choose to reduce your expenses to achieve this.

    Once you have a clear idea about your financial goals, you can prioritize investments to achieve them.

    Make sure to also check out our portfolio management services so you can determine your portfolio strategy.

    Do you have to spend a lot to get started as a freelancer?

    As a freelancer, your business won't be expanding overnight. You need time to build your skills, build a brand, and create a system to stay on top of clients.

    Even then, you can begin earning revenue in the first month. In addition to capital, it's important to invest in online marketing activities such as creating a website, updating your social media profile, and blogging to attract clients.

    You can also work on getting your name out there, establishing a name for yourself, building trust, and building your network.

    How should you choose a good freelancing site?

    You need a freelancing website to generate leads and engage potential clients. You can easily pick a good freelancing website by looking at their listing of paid services, testimonials from past clients, and a rating system.

    It's also important to search the website for the service that best suits your freelancing needs. An online publication, like Freelance Writing and Writing Services, can be a good freelancing site to build your portfolio.


    Starting a freelance career is a significant life decision. It will require a lot of effort to start. However, freelancing can be very rewarding, especially if you can grow your business.

    So, take it from a pro and start building your freelancing career today.

    Fear is The Path to Dark Side.

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