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  • Career guidance for a sales representatives

    Finding stagnancy in medical representative career? Searching for options for opting for MBA? check out this page for responses and suggestions from experts.

    I have three year experience as a medical representative, and I want growth, but in my company or my profession there is no growth. What can I do?
    Will it be right for me to do MBA and if yes then with which specialization should I do it?
    I have completed my BSc and diploma in pharmacy. But I don't have enough money to open a medical store.
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  • Nice to know you are not a fresher in Medical field, and, you have three years of work experience as a medical representative. It is possible that there won't be a growth in your company but there is definitely growth in Medical Representative profession.

    You have a good work experience thus you can try for the job in another reputed company where the perks has better compare to present one.

    Also, you can study Master Degree in part-time or through correspondence, so nothing to worry about it since you have already completed BSc and Diploma in Pharmacy.

    Apart from the COVID duration, Medical field was / is one of the best to serve humankind across thus potential growth for those who serve in Medical line.

    You can save the money in near future from the different company's job opportunity and open a medical store as you wished for.

  • You have three years of experience in your job, which is very good and this experience will help you make more progress in your career in the future. Some of their policies or their turnover is not such that they can give more promotion or increment to their employees and if your company is also one of them then you should consider switching to another company.

    If we talk about MBA, it will prove to be a very good option that will get you job offers in even bigger multinational companies. By the way, it would be better if you choose the subject according to your interest, but still, if you want to advance your career in sales, then you choose the option of marketing, your job experience will also be useful in this.

    MBA is a job-oriented course and you can do it either in regular or correspondence mode. If you want to do an MBA along with a job then you should choose Correspondence. Marketing is a very nice but also a competitive field. During this course, the nuances of marketing are taught. To make a career in this field, your communication should be attractive.

    Choosing the right MBA course through distance education can be tough, so keep these things in mind. Check the affiliation of the institute and see if it is recognized by Distance Education Council and University Grants Commission. Some of the top colleges for MBA are -

    Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad,
    Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning,
    Indira Gandhi National Open University,
    Sikkim Manipal University,
    Annamalai University,
    ICFAI University,

  • You have experience in medical representative position and naturally you are well aware of the pharmaceutical industry. It makes sense to be around the same line in order to use your experience for making a related career. You are telling that you do not have sufficient resources to open a medical shop. Have you ever thought of taking loan for this purpose. With your pharmacy background that would be the ideal thing in your life for making a source of sustained earning as medicines and related items have a good sale.
    If that is not a viable option for you then you can go for some more qualification like MBA or diploma in some management stream so that you can get a managerial job in the pharma industry or any other industry.
    For the persons having worked in medical/pharma line, there are some other opportunities like supplying medicines and other items to the drugstore in the city. This is not a difficult job and one can simply become a conduit between the wholesaler and the retailer and take one's cut in the sale proceeds. If you have some exposure to the online selling of goods especially pharma products then that is also a possibility as supplying medicines at the doorsteps of the people is emerging as a niche area and one can get them from the wholesaler and deliver to the customer. One would require to have a mobile application for that which any Android professional in the computer arena can make and then it can be ported in Google Playstore for making it available to the users.
    Though there is a crowding in the field of medical representatives but there are some pharma companies which are relatively better from others interns of salary and perks so you can very well think for switching your job in other pharma company where positions are available or are advertised.

    Knowledge is power.

  • From your degree,diploma and work experience, medical field is the suitable and comfortable one for you.
    It does not mean that you cannot try other fields. You can take up an employment for which B.Sc(Graduation) is the basic eligibility. But as you have work experience and a diploma medical field will be more easy and preferable one for prospective employment.

    If you fulfil the eligibility for opening a medical store, and have the confidence to run the business profitably, then you can venture for that. With a good project, you can approach the bank where you have dealings or any other suitable bank. But you should evaluate the feasibility and profitable running of the medical shop and ensure that you can run it with sufficient earning for your life and repayment of loan. Banks have schemes to give loan for prospective small business under various government schemes, like MUDRA loan etc. You need not have money for starting a good venture.

    You can also pursue MBA. Even there it is preferable to select the specialisation which has use of your experience and education, But you can choose any other specialisation provided you have aptitude and interest on that and you have done enough homework to know about its prospects in employment or self employment.

  • You have enough experience in the line of medical representative and this experience would provide you lucrative opportunities to earn substantially with other medical pharmaceuticals such as Glaxo, Dr Reddy etc. Before that you must check out your communication skill how you influence your doctors to promote the the brand of the company with which you are working. In this profession, two things are equally important- your effective communication skills and reaching out the doctors even to the remote places to push the products of the Pharma Company where you are putting your job. Any deficiency relating to your verbal skill can be remedied with a profession institution.
    Once you are confident of yourself, start applying for the job in different pharmaceuticals so as to get the right job with the attractive perks. In the meanwhile, you may go through the MBA degree for marketing through the distance mode to enhance your skills in sales. Doing MBA through the distance mode would not affect your current situation. Ensure that the degree pursued by you should be well recognised such as IGNOU, Karnataka Open University, Annamalai University etc. In that way, you will be conversant with the different tools of Sales and Marketing which can help you in boosting the sales techniques.
    If you are interested to have your own medical shop, it would not be difficult despite your financial constraints with the loans to be availed with any Nationalised Banks. You can choose your own repayment option. However, prior to that it is advisable to have your MBA degree in Marketing so as to have better familiarity with the Sales Tools.

  • For growth in a career, one should consider two important things. One is acquiring new skills and qualifications that are required for the growth and suitable to the profession in which we are working. Another one is to consider a shift of the company for a better position and a better pay packet.
    You have 3 years of experience as a medical representative. The field in which you are presently there is good and there is plenty of scope for career growth. You can become district head, state head and even country head of sales in this position. My uncle worked in the same line and he became in charge of sales for the South Zone of India and had an excellent career.
    It is good that you have decided to go for MBA and that will be a nice move. It will be useful for your career growth. But you select a good institute and do the same. Doing from a normal institute may not add any value. I suggest you go for Marketing or HR specialisation and that will be useful for your growth.
    While working for your MBA, try to look around for advertisements from reputed companies and apply for those positions in the same field. Definitely, you will get a good opening, Register your CV in job portals like and apply for suitable posts through that portal.
    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • You have a lot of experience in the medical field which will help you in your career growth. There is a lot of opportunity in this field and very big company is there where very attractive salary are paid. So, you can apply to these pharmaceutical companies like Dr Reddy, sun, cipla etc. Before going to this company you should check your communication skill and other related eligibility. As you know, communication skill is very important for this field.
    Another option is, If you want to open medical store then you can approach to the bank where various government scheme is there to provide loan for prospective small business. Moreover, you can pursue MBA also for your career growth. You should do MBA in distance mode from a reputed university like IGNOU, annamalia university etc so as to manage your job as well as study. You should take good subject for MBA either marketing or HR which will help in your career growth. After completing MBA, you can apply for a multinational company.

  • In case you are looking for growth definitely doing an MBA will help you to look for other opportunities. While opting for MBA, you may try for specializations like Marketing, HR, International Business. If you wish to continue and grow in the Sales domain itself, I would insist you do the MBA in marketing in correspondence and continue working parallelly. This adds value to your profile and know-how. You can opt for the MBA correspondence course from Symbiosis or ICFAI

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