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  • Admission problem at ITI because of Transfer Certificate

    Are you facing an issue with getting admission to an ITI due to not getting the appropriate transfer certificate? Know with expert guidance what you need to do to obtain the TC and get admission to ITI.

    I completed 3 years in a degree course, but I have not passed. I have two backlogs and recently I have applied for admission to ITI. I got a seat in ITI, and I want to join. Is it possible to join ITI alongside completing the backlogs of my Degree course? My degree admission was taken in 2018. Now the ITI staff are asking for a Transfer Certificate (TC). So which TC is required for ITI admission? If I take the TC of my degree course, it will be a discontinued TC. So can I give a colour Xerox of my inter-TC, which is used for my degree admission? Also, how to obtain my TC from my school? Will they give me the TC?
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  • Many of us do not give much importance to Transfer certificate than mark list etc. We do not know whether we are going to continue our studies further or not. But it become mandatory when we continue our studies either through institutions or correspondence course at any of our age and it is very difficulty to get the same when we need that too after many years. I am keeping copy of my school, college, university TC certificates and original of last university after PG (1979).

  • After completing your 10+2 you joined a degree course but could not complete it. You must have given the TC obtained from the school to your degree institution so now you have to get TC from the college or uiversity from where you were doing the degree course. They would give the TC accordingly alongwith the character certificate. If due to some reason you do not want to reflect the incomplete degree course to your ITI college then you have to get a duplicate TC from your school and give it to the ITI. If the school does not provide it telling that it is an old record then there is no way except to get the TC from the degree institution.
    You can complete the arrears of your degree course but simultaneously doing two regular courses is not allowed as per UGC stipulations so you have to choose between the two.
    In my opinion, doing ITI is a better option because one can get a job or one can be self-employed through attending technical jobs or giving service in the households. That would be a wiser thing to consider. Even if you complete your degree by clearing the arrears, what career you will opt for next would be a big question and then you will have to either do some diploma or certificate course for seeking a job in the market. As academic pursuit seems to be a difficult path for you as is evident from the arrears that you are having in your degree course then chances of succeding in the PG after doing your degree would be bleak and considering all these factors ITI seems to be a viable option.

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  • Transfer certificate is required whenever you take an admission in a new course. Hence it is very much justified that they are asking you TC prior to your admission in ITI. Your previous institution from where you have initiated the degree course will issue with the TC even though you have not passed the same. Against the backdrop of the new admission, it is an essential procedure. It will reflect your present status indicating your success in the examination or otherwise. There is no problem even if you have not completed your degree course.
    You need not think over unnecessarily regarding the submission of xerox copy of your Intermediate Examination nor would your previous school - authorities would oblige you with a duplicate certificate.

  • The qualification required for ITI is a pass in the SSC. You have passed the same and you have the marks list and certificate also with you. You passed intermediate also and you have the certificate for the same. You studied degree but not completed the same. Now you want to get admitted into ITI.
    You should submit the Transfer Certificate from your college only. You should not hide the facts. Your non-completion of the degree will no way stop the admission to ITI. So don't think unnecessarily and submit the TC from the college. You will not have any problem.
    Your high school might have given the TC and the same you have submitted to Intermediate Junior college and TC from Junior college you might have submitted to the degree college.
    If you want a duplicate TC from the school, you have to follow the procedure that is being adopted for obtaining duplicate copies of your other certificates. You have to give a complaint and get FIR from them. You can contact the school where you have studied your X class. They will give you full details. But as far as your admission is considered you don't require any TC from the school now.

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  • Generally, a Transfer certificate is required when you change your institution. As mentioned above, you have passed 10th and already got TC. In intermediate, the same thing happened. After that, you enrolled yourself for degree courses but couldn't pass. So, there is no need to be worried about this. You try to get duplicate TC from where you have passed the 10th class. As you know, the eligibility criteria to take admission into ITI should be 10th passed. So, there would not be hurdle in getting TC if you apply for that. Moreover, you might have submitted TC for getting admission into the degree course. Once you should contact the college authority. They will not object to you. They will allow issuing your transfer certificate even though you didn't complete your degree course.

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