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  • Guidance for a future career with B.Com. and after passing CMA inter-exam

    Dissatisfied with your current job and planning to appear for the CMA inter-exam later this year? Get expert suggestions on what steps to take towards a better career.

    I am 29 years old and have completed B.Com. in 2013. Currently, I am working in a private company as a back office executive. I have been trying to pass the CMA inter-exam since 2018. I think I can pass in the October 2021 attempt. I do not like my current job as a back office executive. I want to be a good Accountant in future.

    Please suggest that what should I do for a better future with my B.Com. degree and also guide how to search for a job.
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  • With a B.Com background and a completed CMA degree in hand, one will have the opportunity and scope for applying for various positions in the industry. It is imperative that for this, one will have to keep a watch on the various vacancies which are being advertised in the reputed job portals and one can get one's name registered on those portal so that one gets the notifications for the related jobs whenever they are advertised there. One has to stick to the the reputed portals and should not be lured away by the various job advertisements popping up here and there on the internet screen.
    Every organisation or industry today needs financial controllers or financial analysts or accountants for managing their most crucial department that is finance and accounts department. So, such opportunities would be coming time to time in one's lap if one is having suitable qualifications in that field.
    Lat us now go through some of the main career lines where person can apply after completing CMA degree.
    1. Accountant - This is the basic position in any accounts department of a company and an accountant is the person who keeps the accounts book of a company where all the details are available whether it is the expenses side or it is earning side or it is the loan side or it is the earning from other miscellaneous sources. He is responsible for providing the latest finance and accounts data sheets of the company in various forms so that the management can take a quick decision based on the financial data. Though the accountant will be assisted by the the general office workers and clerks but he has to have a clear idea of the company's operations and the objectives for which the company is working.
    With the help of the available computer financial packages he can very well maintain and present the finance and accounts status of the company at and any point of time. It is obvious that the role of accountant in a company is very important and also responsible one. Efficient accountants generally rise in the company to the top finance positions. So after doing CMA one should not consider it as a low position.
    2. Financial Analyst - One can try for this position after CMA where one can use the knowledge acquired during CMA certification. The financial analyst has a very interesting as well as important role in the organisation because he collects the financial data and data sheets and then compiles them, reformat them, and finally based on that he makes some financial analysis and then puts suggestions to the management.
    3. Cost Accountant - Cost reduction is one of the most important areas in every organisation or a company where management always tries to find out as how to reduce the cost. The cost accountant finds all the sources of cost and then analyses them in details to find out as where are the possibilities of reduction without compromising with the quality of the company products or services. Based on his recommendations only the management can take a decision in this regard.
    4. Financial Risk Manager - While doing CMA, a person gathers sufficient skills and analytical learnings for making financial analysis of a project or a company and based on that he will be able to create financial risk mapping for the company. He is the crucial person who will help the management in creating financial strategies to survive and sustain in the business environment. This is a good career option.
    5. Financial Controller - These are also a good career option. These are actually higher positions towards the managerial side and these people work directly under the chief financial officer. They have a wide financial domain to work and health management in various financial matters.

    I will like to add that there are opportunities and scope in this area but finally what matters is the hard work and efforts which an individual can put up in a company or organisation. In that case there is no doubt that one can rise in the company and eventually can reach the topmost finance position that is the chief finance officer of the company.

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  • Once you complete CMA intermediate and B.Com, you will have many job opportunities. What I suggest you is to make a good resume and get registered in good job portals like and etc. You can place your CV in these portals. The site will be sending you the details of posts relevant to your qualification and experience. You can also browse the portals for seeing the details of the posts available. Please remember that ISC is also having a jobs section wherein you will find various jobs recently published and you can apply to those jobs if they suit your needs. Employment News is one journal that gives you the details of all government jobs that are available. You can refer to that also.
    The following are some of the options you can look for.
    1. Join a senior and work with him for some time. Once you get established you can think of having your own firm and work with your clients independently. But it will be useful only once you complete CMA.
    2. Almost all companies will have separate accounts and finance departments where they will be appointing qualified people for various levels based on their qualifications and experience.
    3. You can be an auditor in any organisation. Some companies will be appointing their own internal auditors and getting various audits done by them. You may be useful stuff in such activities.
    4. Some organisations will appoint qualified people as head of their finance department and accounts department and you can think of applying for such openings also.
    5. Even in government undertakings and government offices there will be some opening for qualified accounts personnel.

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  • CMA is a good choice and since you are having a good experience then you can grab a good job. After passing inter examinations you would be a semi-qualified cost accountant and it has been seen that sometimes semi-qualified professionals are doing good because if their experience and expertise as passing final examinations can add a prefix to your name so you can do your job and with that continue your study for finals.
    If you want to work as an individual practitioner then you should focus on developing a good client base and you can furthermore try to search out professional friends of yours who is ready to work with you as in some cases clients want certification of CMAs in which he can be very helpful as you can't certify that after passing inter examinations.
    Further, if you want to go for jobs then the most popular jobs in this field are:
    1)Chief Financial Officer: The company doesn't need to hire CMAs as CFOs, because other financial professionals are also eligible for such posts but you can also make a way for it.
    2)Financial Controller
    3) Cost manager
    4)Cost Accountant
    5)Financial Manager
    6)Financial Accountant

  • You have done and going to complete CMA intermediate. So you would be eligible for a good job with these subjects. You make your good CV with education details and experience and register yourself on the job portal. If a job opportunity is there and suites to your qualification then they will send a post of details. Moreover, you can browse the internet for a suitable job. Another option is, you can see employment news where you will find a lot of vacancies. There are different job opportunities in this field. Some of them are as follow:-
    1. Financial Controller
    2. Financial Manager
    3. Financial Accountant
    4. Cost manager
    5. Cost Accountant

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