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  • Is it possible to pursue MSc Virology or MSc Microbiology after BSc General CBZ?

    Have you got admission to a B.Sc. General course with the subjects of Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and unsure if you can pursue MSc Virology or MSc Microbiology after completing it? Check out the answers to this query from this Ask Expert page, and clear your doubts.

    In my previous question, I asked if I could do MSc Virology after B.Sc. General (Zoology, Microbiology, life science) and I got outstanding answers from experts but unfortunately, I ended up with B.Sc. General with Chemistry, Botany, Zoology because of my percentage. I am worried if I would still be able to pursue MSc Virology or MSc Microbiology. I read a lot of articles related to MSc Virology/Microbiology and it seems everybody is saying the same thing, like, "Do any specialized course in Zoology, Microbiology, Virology, Life science etc".
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  • You can do either of the two courses mentioned by you after you complete your B.Sc with CBZ.
    A bachelor's degree in Science in any related field like microbiology, biochemistry, life science, biotechnology, and chemistry etc. You have to get a minimum of 50% of marks in the qualifying examinations. Some universities will conduct entrance tests for admissions and some institutes may give based on your marks in B.Sc. For these details, you have to see the details o the website of the institute you select for your study.
    These two courses are good courses and chances of having a better career is very likely. The following are some of the options you can have after completing these courses.
    A. M.Sc Microbiology:
    1. Bacteriologists: The nature of the job will be to conduct research experiments and learn more about microorganisms.
    2. Virologists: The nature of the job will be to study various viruses and their impacts.
    3. Mycologists: The nature of the job is to study the biochemical properties, genetics, use, and dangers of fungus to humans.
    4. Clinical microbiologists The nature of the job will be to conduct laboratory research related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.
    There are many other jobs which will be rewarding and one will have many chances to have a good career.
    B. MSc Virology
    1. Laboratory Assistant: The nature of the job will be to assist the scientists working there.
    2. Virologist: The nature of the job is to conduct various experiments as required in the fields of study in the lab.
    3. Academic posts: Teaching posts in various colleges and institutes.

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  • With the combination of CBZ at your B.Sc level, you can pursue either of the courses however, you need to score the minimum qualifying marks as suggested by the institution to be inducted for the course. As a general rule, the threshold limit is 50 percent for both the courses.
    You may be asked for a written test followed by the oral interview sometimes to clear either of the courses for which you are interested.
    Now coming to the details of Microbiology, you should be familiar with the different sorts of microorganisms in relation to its its origin, its structure and their behaviour our mutations. You will have to carry out the research work to assess its behaviour. The virologist is responsible for detection of various viruses and its impact on different domains.
    Clinical Microbiologists are engaged for the prevention of its infection with the different procedures. They will suggest the ways of prevention and its treatment in case of need.
    The other part where M.Sc Virology is taken up for studies, the aspirants would take up the job of assisting the scientists connected with such projects.
    Again the job of Virologist is important, they would carry out different experiments highlighting their characteristics in their research work.
    With their deep passion on this field, they can take up doctorate degree and may serve teaching line providing better guidance to the students in this field. They are often assigned to the post of research scientists in the central government with their screening in the interview.

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