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    What to do after Class 12 with PCMC and is PCME a better option for good job prospects

    Unsure about further academic options in taking up PCMC subjects on completing Class 12? Let our experts guide you by explaining your options with PCMC and whether or not PCME would be a better option for a career ahead.

    If I take PCMC after the 12th, what all options will I have? I have heard many people tell me that PCME is a better choice as then I will have more career options if I take Electronics. I want to know the difference between PCMC and PCME. Please tell me what all options will I have if I take PCMC and what all options I will have if I take PCME.
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  • PCMC- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

    PCME- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics

    Both are good and rewarding. It all depends on your interest and how you fare in the examinations and how much strong you will be in the subject. Economics is having its own importance and Computer science is also having its importance. The workload will be more for PCMC students than PCME students. In the same way, there will be more jobs for computers than Economics. But if you are good at Economics and if you get a higher percentage in that subject definitely you will have a better future in that line also.

    Now take the above facts into consideration and take your own decision. Don't get carried away by the suggestions of others. Make a choice which suits you. Consider the strengths of the institute in which you are taking admission also.

    always confident

  • A career in both computer sciences as well as electronics is very much rewarding and provide an array of opportunities. It depends on you which you are opting for. If you opt for PCMC then it's also a growing field with the advanced of AI and also increasing culture of computer sciences. Professionals in this field are very good paid and have a reputed jobs. You can have wide opportunities for private-sector jobs in multinationals. Even in government sectors most of the departments have IT cells that hire candidates from such fields. Consultantey jobs are also available in these fields where you can also have your startup.
    Opting for PCME also have the same number of opportunities. The field of electronics is a prominent requirement of some of the PSUs. Moreover, the army also required candidates from such fields. Prove it sector to have good opportunities for such candidates.
    So, the selection of subjects is a subjective manner and depend upon your calibre. If you can do good in any one of them then choose it otherwise after 12th you can not of other subjects also

  • PCME and PCMC both are good from a career point of view. Both having good job opportunity. As far as selection of subject is concerned It depends upon your calibre and Interest. You should take up that subject in which you are having more interest. In general, saying, If you opt PCMC then job opportunities may little bit more as compare to PCME, as you know we are living in a digital world where computer knowledge is more in demand. All software companies and PSUs would demand PCMC subject. So, you having the same interest for all then you should go for PCMC.

  • You can make career bright with either of the options. In PCMC, Computer Science is included along with your Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and sticking to this option can strengthen your knowledge in these areas provided you are serious in these subjects. You should have the clarity in the basics of these subjects so that you could qualify in IIT for undertaking the course of Computer Science for your better prospects in the Computer field.
    Now let us dwell on the prospects of Economics along with the combination of PCM, we can have multiple opportunities after our graduation in science. Economics becomes easy with our clarity in Mathematics. There are many deductions and theories which can be understood with the application of Mathematics more easily. You can take up Management Courses with IIM or any other reputed B Class Schools with Finance Stream.
    Postgraduate degree in Economics can provide you the job of lectureship, banking jobs, financial manager in the different organisations. Of course you need to be a consistent performer in the field of Economics.

  • Between these two options only difference is of one subject that is Computer Science and Economics. Now you have to do some introspection in the matter as which subject is of more liking to you. Why I am asking to do it because it is often seen that people having interest and liking in a particular stream or topic generally score good in that. When you have interest and passion in some work then you not only enjoy it but also gain strength and competency in that which is required for future career mapping in that particular area.
    Anyway, let us go through the relative merits of these two areas defined by Computer Science and Economics. As regards the computer science area, this is definitely a niche area in today's situation and there are a lot of future scope and possibilities in it. We are now moving to an age of digital marketing, automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics and computer coding and applications have a great role to play there. The students who have good proficiency in this area are definitely going to carve out a good career. After doing your Intermediate you can go for B.Sc. or B.E. /B.Tech. in computer engineering and then select the specialisation in any area like coding or hardware maintenance or software development or networking or cloud technologies etc as the options are varied. The area of computers is a fascinating area and attracts many people to it.
    Let us now see the other subject that is Economics. This is a subject for those who have interest in financial side and after learning the basic economics one can then settle for a MBA in finance or something of similar nature. There are many other offshoots where one can try in these field like auditing, insurance, risk management etc. As I said earlier, I would reiterate that interest in that particular niche is what that finally matters in one's life.
    Apart from these two subjects you have also got three subjects in your kitty that is Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. There are immense opportunities in these conventional subjects and studying them in your UG and PG can lead you to research in these basic sciences. If you have interest like that then the fourth subject becomes secondary and you can give more thrust in one of these three subjects which you might think become a core strength in your future. This line of approach will also give you opportunity to apply for teaching positions in colleges, institutes, and universities.
    One last point that comes to my mind is the attempting for the administrative and other services in our country through competitive exams and if that is your cup of tea then it makes sense to do a general study of all the subjects whatever you choose keeping in mind the overall objective of getting through the competitive exams where knowledge of all the areas is required rather than competency in a particular subject.
    Please consider these points and match them with your interest before taking a calculated decision in the matter.

    Knowledge is power.

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