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  • Where to do a D.Pharma course without attending classes?

    Keen to pursue a D.Pharma course without campus classes? Know from experts whether any college or university offers online or distance mode courses in D. Pharma.

    One of my friends wants to do D.Pharma without attending classes. Please suggest any college/university that offers the course through online mode or through distance education mode.
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  • As far as my knowledge goes, pharmacy courses like B. Pharmacy & D pharmacy are not available in any institute on distance mode. The University grants commission in its notification in 2018 not permitted these courses by distance mode. IGNOU is offering some courses related to sales management of medicines and health care products, But this is not useful for opening a medical shop.
    Only people with D, Pharmacy are allowed to open a medical shop. This course should be from an institute that has received approval from the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). So you have to do the course in regular mode only.
    There may be some private institutes that are giving admission to full-time courses and may not be insisting on minimum attendance. You have to search for such colleges and get admitted to such colleges only. But I never advise you to go to such colleges.

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  • As far as D-Pharma is concerned it cannot be done by distance learning but you cannot do this course with distance learning. Whether it is D-pharma or B-Pharma is such exams for which you have to clear the entrance exam then only you will get selected. Since we know that this field is related to health and it demands only qualified people, which requires proper knowledge and it is not possible through distance learning. But yes apart from this, if you want to go in the medical field itself, then there are some courses of medical which are also available through distance learning, but during these courses also you need some practical experience. For this, if you want, you can choose either distance learning or open university. Online classes are also provided with distance learning material, only you will not have to go to college. As far as the Open University is concerned, there are many courses available here too, in this also distance learning is there, but in this, you may have to go to college sometimes. By the way, both are almost the same and both are recognized. For some specific courses, regular students may get more priority but it is not necessary for everyone. If your knowledge is good then there will be no hurdle in your career building.

  • D Pharma course is not available in distance education mode. In the internet you will find many misleading advertisements saying that D Pharma online courses are available but when you actually visit that site in detail you will find that it is not D Pharma course but it is something like diploma in pharmacology or diploma in medical practices or some general subject which will not be equivalent to D Pharma.
    One can go for the regular D Pharma course only after which one is eligible to to apply for admission in higher courses in Pharma.

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  • There was a notification of University Grant Commission dated 23 rd February 1998 indicating a clear cut guideline for the recognition of several courses including B.Pharma/ D. Pharma for which there should be inclusion of the practical programme for the specified period under the guidance of the teaching staffs/ professors.
    Hence any such programme not containing practical exposure will not serve your purpose.
    You should not be confused with any advertisement claiming that their Institutions would provide you diploma/ degree acceptable to different institutions for your higher studies or opening a medical store.
    You will have to complete the same under the regular mode by taking admission in a recognised institution which is within the compliance of UGC.
    For your D.Pharma course, you will come across several recognised institutions following their own entrance examination and you need to qualify for such a test from any one of the recognised institutions.

  • D. Pharma course is done in the field of medicine. For which you need to do some practical programme under the guidance of medical teaching staff. So, this course facility is not available in distance mode. You can take degree through regular mode only. UGC has declared in its notification 1998 that many programmes in which practical knowledge is necessary can't be kept under correspondence course. So It is a regular course. For taking admission into a recognised university you will have to give an entrance exam.
    Moreover, some private institutes may provide this degree where they will not demand more attendance. But you should be careful before getting admission into it. Because their degree would be beneficial or not for a future career.

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