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  • Query about changing from Pharmacy to IT

    Planning to get into IT domain after doing pharmacy? Want to know the best IT courses which can get good job? Check out this page where experts have responded to your question.

    I have just graduated in B.Pharmacy Course, but my interested field is IT(Information Technology).
    How can I get any Certificate in IT to be able to get Job in IT Field?
    I have done a lot of online courses on Computer Science field and IT field.
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  • You did your B. Pharmacy and now you want to go for IT field.
    There are many ways and many courses for you.
    You can go for an MCA course that Master in Computer Applications. This you can do after your graduation only. MCA is a full-time PG course of 2 years duration. Once you complete this course you will be eligible for any job as any MCA person. If you are ready to spend two years this is the best option.
    Otherwise, you can do some certification courses and get into those jobs.
    As a Pharmacy graduate, you can think of a Medical Transcription course. There are institutes giving training in this field and the duration is from 18 months to 2 years. Once you complete this course you can get a job as a medical transcriber or a Medical Language Specialist. You can excel in this job as you have already acquainted with the medical terminology and the required IT skills will be taught in the training programme. You can consider this option.
    You can do many short term courses and certification courses and learn various languages like C, C +. C++ etc. You can also think about jobs in the Artificial intelligence field related to Pharma Industry. So you can think of doing some certification course in the AI field so that you will get a good job there.

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  • Since you have already completed B. Pharmacy course and with the present qualification, you are entitled for admission to MCA course. However, you need to have a good grasp of Mathematics since Mathematics plays an important role in understanding the basics of different languages of IT tools. Hence ensure that you have had this subject in your 10+2 level.
    Once you choose a reputed institution for persuasion of this course and pass with the high percentage, you will have plenty of chances of absorption in the IT companies.
    However, it could be a time consuming course for you since it is a three year duration.
    The other option could be to choose medical transcription course from some of institutions having rapport in this line. The duration of the course ranges between 18 months and 24 months depending upon institution to institution. In this course, you will have complete coverage of computers while dealing with case history of the patients, their medicines prescribed by the doctors and host of medical details. These details are required to be stored for their ongoing treatments.
    This course will certainly widen your career prospects.

  • B Pharmacy is also a good and job-oriented course, but if your interest is only in Information Technology, then you have the option of taking many diplomae and degree courses through which you can make a career in this field. In this sector, you have attractive job options in Telecommunication Industry, Multimedia, Web Designing, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Networking Engineering, Database Management, Gaming Industry, App Development, Computer Operation, Sales and Marketing, Maintenance and Support, etc. In the B.Tech Information Technology Course under IT, you are taught how to work to prepare the business.

    Artificial intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence is currently in great demand. AI is an area of computer science, in which such machines have to be designed that work like humans. They can do well for intelligent machine learning and problem-solving, if you choose this course then you will be able to build a wonderful and lucrative career. For this, you must have the knowledge and degree of Maths subject or other subjects in the science field which you have already completed. After completing this you can work as Computer Scientist, Game Programmer, Software Engineer, and Robotic Scientist, etc.

    Nanotechnology -
    This is also the latest but job-oriented course, in this technique the subtle things are studied which have a bright future. Nanotechnology has an important role in the field of medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, space research, etc.

    Cyber Security
    The demand for this course is also increasing, the cases of hacking computers have increased and this not only threatens a particular person or company but also threatens the security of the country. That's why we are taking cyber security very seriously and there is a lot of demand for professionals in this field. To make a career in this, one has to do a course of specialization in cyber security and forensics.

    Graphics Designing
    Graphic designing is a very broad field and the career opportunity is also very high because through this the program has to be made attractive. In which a message is effectively delivered through text and graphics. This message can be in the form of graphics, logo, brochure, newsletter, poster, or otherwise.

    After obtaining a degree or diploma in this field, you can work in positions.

    A software developer or programmer
    Computer network designer
    Networking engineer
    Web Developer
    Web designer
    Computer systems analyst
    Information systems manager
    Software tester
    E-commerce specialist

  • As mentioned above, you have done B pharmacy but having an interest in the IT sector. So, you can do different degree or diploma courses in the IT field like C, C++ etc. MCA is one of the best courses for job prospects. It is a two-year degree programme. After completing it you can get a good job in a software company. Besides, there are different job options in the IT sector which are as follows:-
    1. Web Designing,
    2. Software Engineering
    3. Hardware Engineering
    4. Networking Engineering
    5. Database Management
    6. App Development,
    7. Computer Operation
    Moreover, you can go for an artificial intelligence course. It is the latest branch of computer science. Nowadays, It is more in demand. After completing it you would be able to get a good job like a computer scientist, Robotic scientist etc.

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