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  • MA English admission problem because of inability to write BA exam in time due to COVID

    Worried that you completed your Graduate exam later than usual and may not get admission to a Postgraduate course in Kerala for the current academic year? Quickly know whether or not admissions are still open for the MA English course in Kerala colleges and which would be ideal to seek admission in.

    I am writing from New York. My niece in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala was not able to write the BA in English final year exam in time because she was ailing from COVID at that time. She was given a chance to complete the exam more than a month later and completed it yesterday on September 8th, 2021. The mark sheet etc. will take more time. Are there any good colleges, preferably in Kerala or not too far from Kerala, that are still accepting applications for 2021-22 for MA in English?
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  • You can approach your nearest university Correspondence or Open University to get admitted direct MA English, if you are really interested. As for as Kerala, you need not worry as man universities are there. Else you can approach IGNOU office in your near area.

  • Unfortunately, seats of post graduation in English of most of the prominent universities such as JNU, St. Stephen's college, Calcutta, Mumbai University etc have exhausted and hence the only option left at this moment is to try IGNOU. Their course curriculum is at par with the courses of other regular universities. Moreover they provide the aspirants sufficient scopes for regular interaction with the professors in their contact sessions classes. You will be taught the different aspects of English Language such as Drama, Fiction, Plays of Shakespeare etc in the friendly atmosphere in such as session.
    You would be required to appear in the written test followed by your oral interview with the faculties.
    The other distance universities imparting this course are Karnataka Open University, Annamalai University, Utkal University,etc.
    Prior to taking any final decision, you may contact the universities running in your areas regarding the vacancies of seats, if any, for the admission of your niece.

  • There are some universities in India still which are accepting admissions for 2021-22. Kerala University admissions just started. So your niece can approach the admission authorities of Kerala University and she can submit her application. They may consider if vacancies are there. Like this, she has to search for nearby colleges and approach them on phone or in person and talk to them. Because of this present situation chances for consideration are very high.
    There are many colleges in Kerala that are offering MA English courses and they are affiliated with some universities in Kerala. I suggest you find out through a known contact and try to get admitted into one such college. In the present situation, it is very easy to get a seat in a private college and they can manage the issues efficiently.
    There are many universities in India that are offering MA English by correspondence courses. Indira Gandhi Open University, Annamalai University, Anna University, Andhra University, Osmania University, Nagarjuna University are some of the best universities offering this course through distance education mode. You have to go to the website of the particular university and see their correspondence school details and apply as per the procedure mentioned on their website.

    always confident

  • Once you should go through the website of Kerala universities. I think Kerala is still accepting applications for M.A admission 2021-2022. You should contact the Kerala university office. If the vacancy is available then they would definitely offer seat. In Kerala there are many govt as well as private college which offering M.A course in English. You should find out the availability of seats in these college. There would be many more chances to get seat in somewhere in Kerala either private or govt. Moreover, you can do this course through distance mode also. There are many open universities in India which offering this course in distance mode are as follows:-
    1. Indira Gandhi Open University,
    2. Annamalai University,
    3. Anna University,
    4. Andhra University,
    5. Osmania University,
    6. Nagarjuna University
    7. Karnataka Open University.
    For taking full details, you should check the website of each university.

  • Thanks for the advice. After looking at possibilities for 21-22 we have decided to wait till next year as even the Mark list has not come out yet, the entrance examinations are over and all the decent colleges have stopped accepting applications for MA. Meanwhile she will be studying German at the Goethe institute and taking online courses in English fro US and other universities through Coursera. This should make her a stronger candidate in the future.
    Dr. George Isaac
    New York

  • It is good that you have already taken a decision in the matter. I will just like to add that today there is not much difference in doing MA in English between regular mode and in correspondence mode. There are many good online resources and sites where one can learn languages or other subjects with the same ease as it is done in the regular courses. The project writing or thesis writing part are also nicely been taken up through these online courses. Moreover, the most important point is that the industry has stopped differentiating between the students who have done from regular stream and those who have done through reputed correspondence courses. That is a good thing and the students have choice to go through the mode they feel convenient for them. There is a paradigm shift in the minds of the employer also in this respect and due to the covid-19 situation they are also accommodating all sort of students who are applying for positions in their organisations. What they only look is the proficiency, confidence, and knowledge of the candidate who is applying for some position there after completing one's academic qualifications.

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  • As you mentioned that if you want to do the course at Kerala University, then once you take admission information from the website of the concerned college or from the office. If admission is not available and you are not able to approach any other university, then distance learning will prove to be the best option for you. Some of the main distance learning universities or colleges are as follows -

    Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU) - Hyderabad
    Acharya Nagarjuna University (CDE) - Guntur
    Indira Gandhi National Open University - New Delhi
    Yashwantrao C. Maharashtra Open University - Nashik
    IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute - Ghaziabad
    Sikkim Manipal University (SMU DDE) - Gangtok
    Alagappa University (DDE) - Karaikudi

  • Agree to some extend but the advantages of in person learning and camaraderie with ones college mates is irreplaceable for a young person. Also in the U S at least which college one went to is very important. So also when a person reveals that their degree is from an online college a lot of questions come to an interviewers mind, the first one being what is or was wrong with this person. If possible it is better not to put oneself in such a predicament and having to explain all ones life why it happened. So we are strengthening our capacities to get accepted to the best college we can in 2022. Thank you for all the suggestions.
    Dr. George Isaac
    New York

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