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  • Is parking considered as Floor in panchayat approved layout

    Want to know the correct rules for building layout approved by gram panchayat? Searching for information about parking being considered as a floor? On this page our experts have answered to your concerns.

    Panchayat has approved G+2 plan for one building. According to the builder, Parking is not considered as floor in the Panchayat layout. The actually built plan is parking+G+2. Is there any legal concerns with the flat located on 3rd floor i.e G+2. Property tax has been paid every year.
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  • The parking area is not considered as a floor. That is why the floor above the parking is considered as the ground floor. This is the general practice. But I recommend that all the approvals and other papers given by the builder should be shown to a lawyer and get a legal opinion. Even though you spend a little money on this, you will not have any complications afterwards. I know many people who took apartments in the Panchyat area and afterwords they have to work a lot to get the approvals. So it is better to be cautious before deciding on the purchase itself, Are you taking any loan from a bank. In such a case, they will do this exercise and then only sanction you the loan. Be cautious.

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  • You should not be confused with the parking area as your basic right and the same is not treated like floors. However, to enjoy the same, you need to pay an additional amount for that. I think it will be better on your part to have an opinion from an experienced lawyer showing him the relevant papers acquired from the owner. While doing so, you will have to shell out for some additional money but that will help you to remain in the safe side relating to your acquisition.
    Though you might have got the papers connected to your building but once you occupy this, you might notice that approval part is yet to tackled. In the event of taking a loan from a bank, this issue can be settled since they would verify this angle.
    You need to pay extra attention to this aspect so as to avoid any future complication.

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