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  • ECS payment of Electricity Bill

    Have a query about electricity bill payment through ECS mode? Want to know how to discontinue bill desk and try another desk? Find responses from experts here.

    I am paying my MSEDCL-ELec Bill through ECS for several years and it is being done by Bill Desk. The problem with Bill Desk is: they are unable to process the bill before the "Prompt payment" date to avail the Prompt payment discount given by MSEDCL.

    Now I want to discontinue the services of Bill Desk and continue the ECS through some other service provider who can process the bill before the prompt payment date, regularly.

    Please suggest the way forward.
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  • There are many ways to pay them online without much delay.
    1. The electricity department is having its own portals and through those web portals, you can pay on time.
    2. You can use Paytm. They have an automatic payment system. You can go to your paytm app and fix the date on which you want to make the payment and that will follow your instructions.
    3. The same facility is also available on Phone pe and g pay apps also, You can try whichever suits you.
    4. Airtel app is also having that facility.
    5. Finally if you want you can pay physically at the eseva centres.

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  • I am also paying MSEB bills every month online. But I have not given any standing ECS instructions, but paying manually every month.

    I suggest you use either of the following methods.
    1. Use a bill payment app where you can specify a date for payment. Then give the prompt payment date as specified date.

    2. Pay manually every month on the official portal of MSEB, before prompt payment date by keeping an alert or reminder. To be abundantly cautious, always maintain an advance of on month bill.

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