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  • Need help regarding Educational Business

    Looking out for help to write assignments for college related subjects? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get the best budgeted links here to move ahead.

    I need suggestions and also solution if anyone can help.
    Need platform who provides Assignment writing for university students?
    I Can't manage my assignments due to time issue and so I need a team for that.
    Please Recommend the best one.
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  • Nowadays there are agencies and individual services for writing of educational content material whether it is the academic matter, assignment, project report, case study, research paper, or any such content. These agencies have expert content writers who are specialised in educational matters. There are many such agencies in the business of providing educatonal content and material as per the specific need of the customer and one can go to their site and get detailed information along with the price quote for a particular work or job. As these people are experienced in this area their content is generally of good quality comprising of the deep knowledge and coverage in the specific domain.
    As there are many such agencies and it would not be possible to cover them all here but I have shortlisted some of them based on their details available on the internet. These are -

    1. Project Guru - This mainly caters to the need for academic content writing services like presentations, research papers, dissertations etc. they can be contacted at email:

    2. Outsource2India - This agency has an international presence and are delivering quality product in the area of educational content. Their email:

    3. Estorytellers - They are well known for providing school assignments and other educational materials and their services are cost-effective. Their email: mail:

    4. Content-Whale - They are having various quality services in this area with elaborate offers for domestic as well as international clients and offer resume writing, essay writing, research paper, project report writing. Their email:

    5. ExpertWriting - This agency helps the students for any problem encountered in educational writing matters. One can customise one's assignments or report through them. Their email:

    6. Thoughtful Minds Web Services - They have a large number of experts working for them in providing educational content including assignments. They offer 24/7 help and provide the material in time. Their email:

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  • Are you a full-time student or a part-time student? Generally, people who are working and studying part-time or doing distance education will only have difficulty in finding time for the work regarding their studies. If you are a full-time student and fully concentrating on studies only I feel it is good for you to do all your assignment works related to your study. However, you can take the help of your seniors or faculty members in doing that work. That will give you a better understanding of the subject and you can farewell in the examinations. However, it is my suggestion only and it all depends on your interest.
    These days there are many platforms that are providing educational services. You can go through their websites and select a better one from them. You have to choose the platform based on the subject in which you want their help. I am giving below some platforms that are in a similar business.
    1. Content-Whale: A good agency that will help you and the rates are reasonable. They have experts in various subjects. Their website is Website: and their E-mail address is
    2. Evolution Writers: There are experts and they can help in the way you wanted by understanding your needs.
    You can write to them at their E-mail address: Their homepage is www.
    3. My Writing Master (MWM): They have a team of experienced writers. You can find writers with expertise in subjects like Finance, Marketing, Economics, Engineering, IT, Computer Science, English, Project Management etc. Their E-mail is, and the home page is www.
    4. Paper Help: It is a US-based content writing agency Timely delivery and following the exact instructions is their special point. E-mail:
    5. Evolution Writers: Evolution Writers are reliable for your academic writing. They have professional academic essay writers. E-mail:

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  • You have not provided your full information regarding your pursuing your course. This might be regular one or a course being done through the distance education. However, the real benefits of making notes from your end can be derived in the sense that half of the materials while noting down the same in the note book has its beneficial effects of retaining the same in your memory. Hence this benefit cannot be overlooked.
    If at all, it is not possible for you to spare time for undertaking such assignments, you can get the same done through the professional writers helping you to complete your assignments with some premium charges for their skills. The following are the plate forms from where you can complete your assignments-
    1) Evolution Writers - They can take up your work for academic writing of different subjects since they have the pool of professionals in providing you output in your area of writing. They can be contacted through the E mail - support@
    2) Content -Whale - They can provide you service up to your satisfaction in their resume writing, easy writing apart from project report writing. You may make a query through the email address - business @
    3) Thought Mind Web Service - This platform is known for their expertise in the field of educational write ups undertaking different assignments. Their support is continuous on on 24/7 basis. They can be contacted- Info @
    4) Project Guru- They are the pioneers in providing writing services of your need including presentations, research papers, writing ups of your requirements etc. They can be approached- care@
    5) My Writing Master - They have a lot of experts in writing up contents related to the different domains such as Finance, Marketing,Economics, IT and host of educational contents. They may be contacted through- contact

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