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  • How am I able to become short? Is there any good ways?

    Is there any effective way to reduce height? Want to know medicines, home remedies or exercises which can help in doing so? Find advice from our epxerts here and decide how to reduce your height.

    I'm 18 years old girl and now my height is nearly 170. I am too tall and also this made me hesitate to go to college because most probably all the girls and boys in my class are short. I just made myself optimistic enough to be myself without taking my height as a disadvantage, but still it worries me a lot when I came to feel getting taller as my uncle who is taller than me.
    I wish to be comfortable with my friends without bothering about my height because most probably nowadays everyone looking the outer appearance and not our real self. Most probably no one in my family is ready to take me to a doctor because of some reasons. I just at least wanted to stop growing. So, is there any way to stop growing or decrease height on my own?
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  • Unfortunately the height achieved by you at this stage cannot be compressed. There is every possibility of a little growth up to the age of twenty to the extent of 4 cm. Even if you grow further with the advancement of age by a few centimetres, it would not look ugly.
    If you take up the help of a surgeon for the compression of height structure, it would create a lot of health issues and hence it is not advisable from your end.
    With the progression of your age say 40 years and upward, there is some possibility of reduction of height maximum being 8 cm with the advancement of age. Such variations are seen between a female of 35 year and 70 year. The compression of the length during the age bracket between 35 and 70 would vary depending upon varying factors such as genetics, lack of nutrition, stress etc.

  • It is not at all that your height is very high, your height may be feeling a little more than other peers of your age, but if 170 less is taken as the basis then it is normal height. As far as it is not possible to reduce the height because there are some exercises or exercises available to increase the height but not to reduce it.

    However, if you do not want more than this height, you can adopt some measures to limit it to this. But still, I would like to tell you that a tall height does not look bad in any form, it always becomes a reason of attraction, if you spend your routine balancing your health then your height is perfect.

    Many factors affect the height of any person, including genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, diet, lifestyle, etc. Everything affects your physical appearance. If you want to keep yourself physically healthy and fit, then for this you have to manage your routine and food habits.

    The role of hormones is very high in this and the balance of hormones is done through the pituitary gland of the body which is located in place of the human brain, that is why it is also believed that when we take the help of meditation, etc., then we use our pituitary gland. By this, we learn to control the hormonal system of our body.

    For a systematic routine, you wake up early in the morning, start your day with meditation, yoga, exercise, etc., and adopt a healthy food style. In no time you will find that you are feeling healthy in yourself. Apart from this, if you still have any doubts, then consult a well-trusted doctor.

  • I think your height is not very high and you need not worry much about that.
    The height of a person mostly depends on his genes. The food habits and the physical work done by the individual may have a little say on height.
    Some people who want to become tall may go for some exercise and all that. But practically speaking there is no way you can stop your growth. After attaining the age of 16 the growth will be a little and you will not grow further once you attain the age of 20 years. 170 Cms is not too much and you may not grow much further.
    Some doctors suggest the following.
    1, A surgery to fuse growth plates
    2. Using hormonal medicines.
    But it is not wise to go for these methods as the risks involved are high. So I never suggest such things. A Surgery may cause permanent disability. Hormonal medicines will have many side effects. Even a doctor suggests also one should not go for these methods and should be happy with the height. You can enjoy your life better.
    What I suggest is don't go for too much physical activity and don't play games in which you have to stretch your body too much like basketball, volleyball and badminton etc. Eat well so that you will not be very lean and you have the weight that matches your height.

    always confident

  • Nowadays, most of the people prefer to be tall. Very few people having good height. And in your case, you already got good height then want to stop it. As you told that your height is 170cm at the age of 18. Now your height would not grow more. So, you should not be worried about this. Generally, body stop growth till this age. You should enjoy with your height. You will have more chances to be selected in many job because of height. In case of girls, having good height is blessing.
    Mainly, height depends on genes Sometimes, hormone becomes imbalance in body due to which body start excess growth. Good nutrition, physical exercise is also responsible for it. As far as, to stop increasing height is concerned there is no proper treatment. But you may take hormone related medicine and undergo for surgery. But all are not safe and having risk of life. As per my suggestion, you need not to do any thing. You take healthy food and be relax. Don't for much physical exercise like playing body stretching games.

  • I do not think that your height is abnormal. You are feeling it because it is slightly more than the women around you. I would suggest not to venture for any surgical procedure and other medical things as that would be only creating health issues. You have to bring confidence in you and when you talk with others just be erect and stand in style and do not show any shyness or hesitation just because of your height. In some European countries there are some areas where women height is quite good but the take it as a symbol of their personality. So do not worry and think about it and concentrate in your studies and make a career. Please note that if by hard work and concentrated studies, you get a good position in some company or organisation then this height will become a boon for you and people will simply look up to you with awe and inspiration. So forget about the height and think of a career making.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This is probably for the first time that I am seeing a question asking for ways to reduce height. It was mostly the opposite- i.e for increasing height that people used to ask and worry for.
    What you probably do not know fully is that there may be many who secretly feel jealous about your height. So the first thing I suggest is do not feel inferior or worry about your height. Consider it a a plus point. It surely can add to your personality and you may be preferred for in many situations just because of your height when all other parameters are equal among competitors.

    Earlier the average height of Indian women and men used to be lesser than what it is now. But the new generation men and women are definitely much taller than their parents and grand parents. Many girls are of height 5'6" and 5'7". You are just 5'8". There are many girls having the same height too.

    I admit that when you are in certain crowd where the average is less, you may feel slightly odd. This is the case in many other contexts like body weight, colour or features. Earlier the people in countries like China etc were seemed to be shorter. But now you can see Chinese boys and girls much taller and equal in height and weight to any other country. So the new generation are becoming taller-due to the better nutrition, life style, health awareness and activities and health care facilities.

    Earlier the main issue faced by tall girls was in getting suitably taller groom when looking for alliance. But nowadays many boys are having height above6 ft. Just glance through any matrimonial portal. You can see profiles of boys and girls with good height.
    So, as there is no easy and safe way of reducing height, just forget about that and consider your height as a blessing in disguise and consider it as your asset and plus point. Use your height in a way beneficial to you. You will be needed in many places and situations just because of your height.

    However if you still feel and want to "appear" as less ti, then I may suggest a few tips,

    1. Wear dress and clothes that show you a bit thicker. Use thick clothes.Avoid clothes that stay stuck to your body. Use colours that make you appear shorter.

    2. Do not wear clothes with vertical stripes. Instead use horizontal stripe designs and with thick floral designs.

    3. Keep hair style thick and sticking to the scalp, and flat rather than protruding up. The hairstyle can be horizontally covering . Have oily hair rather than free flowing and thin.

    4. Avoid using high heeled footwear.

    5. You may use a appearance posture style as a natural slightly shy-respect- bent towards front (do not stoop) instead of standing tight drawn straight. Whenever possible sit instead of standing.
    6. If wearing specs, use thick framed ones.

    7. Move with people of almost same height and when interacting or moving with shorter people, do not stand too close.
    8. Avail opportunities like presiding meetings, giving speeches, addressing a gathering, taking up some leadership and responsibility roles etc. Height is an advantage in these situations.

    Hope, by now, you have shed the 'complex' about your height and regained a greater self confidence. Convince yourself that it always a deceptive feeling of "the other side is greener".

    Best Wishes.

  • Height of a person is not decided by either you or other. It is a gift of God or super power. Many people longing for height as they feel very short and in some cases people are in the dwarf level. Many people in the shape of dwarf level took up their matter as easy and they engage themselves in films as co-stars. You need not worry for this as yours is not so height.
    In Tanjore Big Temple there was a bull in the front side of the Lord Shiva's Shrine was growing big and big when the temple was constructed and it was becoming a problem to them for they unable to construct the ceiling to that mandap . People involved in construction consulted King Raja Raja Cholan and he in turn consulted the experts and as they find no solution for the growth, they put a strong nail on the head of statue with sincere prayers to the Lord Shiva. This was the story prevailed there even today.
    We cannot do anything like this in your case but you can pray your God to stop you from further growth of height. But do not involve yourself into any medicine or treatment as it may turn bad.

  • Sometime for some, they become thin and shin or slim or tall etc. during teenage or school days. This is a natural (Gift of God) one and can't be avoided. Many asks how to become taller is the question over here but this is quite different or opposite one.

    There is an exercise for becoming tall or protein intake for becoming fat from slim etc. etc.

    It is understood that as a girl becoming taller than others (specially male) at this age and atmosphere is quite different when compare or observe. You ignore it and this is not from you. Continue concentrating in studies. In fact, other will thinks about you on how they need to become a taller like you.

    Also, it is advisable not to consult with any health expert on this unless if there is any other health issues.

    Try to complete the study ignoring this pros or cons, and get the job (if planning to) where few asks for the height candidates.

    More important, don't use heel shoes / slippers. Use flatten shoes / slippers.

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