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  • Best way to deal with codependency

    Do you have a query aboue managing a codependent person? Looking out for answers here? On this our experts shall provide you tips, suggestions and advice to plan ahead.

    What are the best way to deal with a codependent person. How to persuade them to give some space.
    Specially when it is your a parent and have schizophrenia. The emotions are enmeshed and you feel guilty, anxious, angry or sad or anything for no reason of your own.
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  • Codependency is definitely a difficult situation. It arises between two people or within a group of people when one of them is having destructive tendencies due to addiction or mental diseases of certain kinds. A person under addiction or mentally retarded conditions or shizonphrenia or any other such condition will not be a normal person. His behaviour will be unpredictable and at times he may be having offensive tendencies also.
    Taking care or dealing with such people requires special skills which many medically trained professionals have got and they also teach it to the companions of such unfortunate people if they want to learn it. An honest feeling of helping, taking care, and thinking for the welfare of such people is of primary importance. These things require a lot of patience also which very few people possess.
    Anyway, there are some basic points which the companion of such person has to keep in mind. First is that such people should not be left alone and if possible are to be kept engaged in lower level games or low activity work. Other thing is that there are many rehabilitation centres where it is claimed that improvement in such persons can be brought out and it is only a matter of time that they can become better than the earlier phase. So that option can also be explored if found feasible.
    It is well understood by all of us that these people require care and attention or rather say full-time attention which is very difficult to provide in today's competitive and busy environment. But when one is the near and dear then how can one shirk out from the responsibility of taking care. It is imperative that either we have to take care ourselves or hire a person to take care as directed by us.

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  • Codependency would require a lot of attention for the people living in the disarranged condition. We cannot assess their behaviour how they will behave in the next moment because of their mental disease. They need a lot of attention for discharging their normal duties such as cleaning their teeth, attending bath rooms for defection or for taking bath because of their inabilities of performing such tasks. You would have a little time to take care of their welfare but being close to them, they cannot be spared either.
    They can be trained for the performance of the regular tasks and with the provision of expertise, they would be able to carry out the routine jobs with themselves.
    Despite the fact, they are progressing well in their daily activities but still they cannot be left alone giving a chance of meeting with an unfortunate circumstances. They need to be kept in some rehabilitation centre for their safety and even for the society.
    The only satisfying part which you can do is to admit them in such rehabilitation centre ensuring them proper upkeep and even chances are there they may come out of the disease with time with the proper medications prescribed by the doctors of the rehabilitation centre.

  • Codependency is a subclinical and situational condition. Codependency can be between any two persons. It need not be considered as a relation within the family but also in other areas also.

    If the codependent person is a parent with Schizophrenia it is really a difficult proposition and one should be very attentive and show more care towards the person. A person with schizophrenia may be under the feeling that he is getting neglected and he is being harmed. So we should behave in such a way that we are his wellwisher and we should talk very carefully with them and create an impression to them that we are trying to do him good only. They may have a disordered thinking process and what they talk about may not make any sense also. In such a condition also we should not straight tell them their thoughts are not correct. We have to act as if we are in agreement with him. Then we have to try to divert him and make him cool down.

    The following points should be taken care of when you are handling such a person
    1. Your codependent person might be under treatment. Ask the concerned doctor about this problem and get knowledge about the disorder so that you can understand his feelings well
    2. Hear to him carefully and never give an impression to him that you are not listening to him attentively. When he is talking don't divert your attention to other issues like watching a phone or a TV. They may not be clear in their talk and they may take more time. But be patient.
    3. Never try to argue with him and never tell about his behaviour to others in his presence. One should not tell him on his face that what he is talking about is not real.
    4. Don't take his words personally. We should see him with different thinking and we should ignore his words. Sometimes their words may hurt us. But we should not take them to our mind. We can relax afterwards with some other family members.
    5. Never neglect your own health. Plan your own routines and follow them. The codependent person can be taken care of by some other family member during such times. Otherwise, for some time you can hire a male nurse who can take care of him. Your health is very important to take care of the codependent person also.
    6. Maintain your own social network. That will come in handy when there is a need and you will also have some recreation.
    7. See that your parent will take medicines properly and follow the instructions of the doctor without any deviation. Sometimes they may not show interest in taking medicines but you should encourage and see that somehow, they will continuously use the medicines.
    8. Sometimes these people will have a suicidal mentality and they may harm themselves or harm others. So be watchful and if necessary take the help of a good psychiatrist and follow his instructions.

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  • Thank you all for your suggestions.

  • Codependency is also known as relationship addiction. It is characterised as a imbalanced relationship where one person empower another person's self-destructive tendencies and weaken the other person's relationship. This relationships may between friends, romantic partners, or family members. It is considered as subclinical and situation condition. Generally, it happens due to ignorance or not give importance to person's feeling. In this condition, codependent person need special care. So, one member always keep behind him to take care during his personal work like bathing, toilet etc. Take him to doctor for frequently check up. Always give medicine on time. Get him engage in fun games. Another option is, to get him joined in rehabilitation center where would be provided better treatment for recovery.

  • There is only one strategy that works. False self depreciation like for a baby. How can one neglect its every senses all the time for that. I personally find music relaxing. Anything else?

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