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  • How to make Insert page break in new blogspot setting

    Are you facing an issue with using the insert page break setting in Google's blogger platform? Wondering what to do now? Find suggestions from our experts here.

    Google's Blogger platform has changed with new process. In the old method, there was an option (small icon for insert jump breaks [Read More...]) but there is no option in the new setting over there. How to insert Jump Breaks in Blogger for shortening the post to get "Read More..." option? Any other method in case if it is not available?
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  • 1. Go to post Compose view
    2. click and set the cursor where we want to add jump break.
    3. Then,click on three dots "..." in editor options and click on hypen symbol "-". then, we can observe page jump break over there.

  • Blogspot/Blogger is a free platform to build your own website. It has good features to design basic websites as well as you can customize domain names. It means you need to purchase any costly hosting plans for the website.
    Blogspot provides a user-friendly editor where you can develop the blog

    Blogspot has two post editor modes - "Compose" and "HTML". So We will learn two ways to insert a page break.

    With Compose mode,
    Put Position the cursor, where you want to insert a page break from the toolbar
    then click Insert Page Break

    With HTML mode
    Find the Position, where you want to insert a page break and paste this code snippet
    "<"Exclamation mark -- more --">"

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