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  • Needed Medical Guidance for Disability Certificate

    Facing an issue with the right hand? Wondering how and from where to get a disability certificate? On this page our experts have responded to your query.

    I have been paralysised since 2017. After that my Right hand is not working and I am not able to write.
    So can I get Disability certificate?
    How can I get it and if yes then what is the percentage of disability?
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  • First of all, I will give you the percentage of disability required to get this Disability Certificate. As per the PWD, Act, 1995, the following are the percentages for various liabilities to be classified as a disabled person.
    Mentally handicapped - 35% minimum
    Orthopedically - 40% minimum
    Deaf & Dumb - 90 DB & 100 DB minimim
    Blindness - 90% or above
    If your disability is quantified as mentioned above, you will be eligible for getting a disability certificate.
    You have to apply to the Medical boards constituted at a State or district level. The members of the board will be a chief medical officer/ sub-divisional medical officer in the District and another expert in the specified field.

    The State government will issue identity cards (IC) to persons with disabilities and the same can be availed for getting any applicable benefits/concessions. This card will have lifelong validity if the age of the person is above 18 at the time of obtaining the IC.

    You have to register yourself on by clicking on register.
    After registration, you can apply for your certificate online by clicking on " "Apply online for Disability Certificate. Reads instructions and fills up online application."
    Once you fill the application, the board will refer your application to the concerned authorities. They will study your application and verify the percentage of disability and then recommend. Once they recommend, your IC will be made and sent to you by the board. When you apply for the same you have to upload a colour photo, your residence proof, identity proof, any other reservation is applicable, proof for that and a doctor certificate certifying your percentage disability.

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  • You can have a favourable response from the medical team if you approach them apprising the board of your willingness of appearing your examination in the event of your paralysis of your right hand.
    You will have to apply the medical board located in the district and the board will determine the extent of paralysis and if the case is severe, you will be provided with an identity card as a result of your existing health disorder. They,too, will provide you a disability certificate with which you would have several benefits such Railway Concessions, Relaxation while getting a job and host of other benefits.
    In case, you are appearing in an examination, fill the examination form indicating your present health condition supported by photocopy of the disability certificate for their reconsideration how you can appear in the said examination. The team will go by the content of the certificate and finally, they may allow you to accompany a man to write answers on your behalf. You have to accomplish certain formalities in this connection.

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