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    Can I do my intermediate twice?

    Want to know if one can give intermediate exam twice? Searching for detailed information here? No owrries, scroll through the Ask Expert page for knowing the norms for giving this exam.

    Q1) I did my intermediate (commerce stream) from NIOS in 2019. I'm pursuing BA now but not interested in it any more and would like to switch my stream to science, which is only possible if I do my 12th again with science stream. Furthermore, I'm in a dilemma and would like to know how to make it work?
    Q2) Also, would I have to do my 11th/first year intermediate as well?
    Besides, is there a way I could apply for scholarship if my 12th percentage is 58%, and I don't belong to SC/ST/OBC?
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  • 1. Answer to your question1: Yes. You can do this through NIOS again intermediate in the science stream. You can select any five subjects from the mentioned subjects and you should choose a minimum of one language and a maximum of two languages. The details of various subjects are available on their website You can go through the various subjects and select the subjects you want. Senior Secondary course is equivalent to 12 th Class or intermediate. NIOS will conduct examinations twice a year. You can apply after two years gap of your 10th qualification.
    2. Answer to your question2: If you want to go for regular intermediate in a college, you can do that. You have to apply for a seat in the college as per the procedure and you may be allotted a seat based on merit.
    As mentioned by you, you are not an SC/ST/OBC. What is your financial background? If your income levels are less you can apply for a scholarship that is being given to financially backward classes. But get the same is very difficult. You can try your luck.

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  • Yes, you have to start afresh for your intermediate examination with the science stream but this will take your additional time. For doing your class twelve in science, you need to carry out the practicals of such science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If you don't take up Biology, but for the subjects Physics and Chemistry, practicals are the essential components along with the theories. The same can be resolved if you meet the principal of a higher secondary school for your admission as a regular candidate. Once you pass out with commendable marks, you can either choose technical streams of your choice or can be inducted in the B.Sc course if interested.
    However, such planning is time consuming so as have a career in science stream.
    You need to reconsider your present plan. Think over continuing your post graduation in either in Economics or Economics. Both the lines are equally rewarding in terms of your prospects in the teaching line if you have the passion for such teaching in a college with either of the subjects. Of course, you have to qualify NET for the post of lectureship.
    The other option could be taking up Management Course after your B.A from a premier institution with anyone of the stream of your choice so as to enjoy faster growth in the managerial cadre.
    Think wisely how best you can curtail your time proceeding ahead with the existing qualification for your higher growth.
    With the marks obtained by you in 12 th, there is a remote chance of availing any merit scholarship since you are not in the category of BC/ ST.

  • You want to do intermediate again and want to take science stream this time. It is very much possible through the regular route or NIOS route but the thing is that it will eat up two golden years of your prime youth time which is a time to make a career. You can't go on doing and acquiring same qualification repeatedly and wasting time in it. If there is no other option then only go for intermediate with science and then making a career further.
    Let us see what are the options you have right now. If you have interest in science and if you feel that in that stream you can make a career also then it means either you are thinking of going to the engineering side or diploma side or medical side or pharma area depending on what subject you choose in intermediate science. That is one line of thinking which you currently have in your mind.
    If you're interested in science or technical side then I assume that you must be having some interest in computer area also. So, it will be worthwhile to consider some certificate or diploma course in computer areas and then think of making a career in that line. Digital marketing, web designing, animation, cloud computing, networking and many other similar areas are there where there is sufficient scope of jobs being created in the industry. It makes you consider them for making career rather than going for some academic degrees. Once a person gets experience in these lines then there is a good recognition in the industry.
    It is true that by acquiring academic qualification one gets more chances for applying jobs in the business environment but there are some lines where academic qualifications are of not much importance. For example doing some business alone or with a group of people. In today's environment there have been new opportunities around for example supply of material, services, and even food items to the households, managing sales and advertising for companies, secretarial assistant work in medium companies etc. So my advice is to explore other options also and if nothing among them is your cup of tea then definitely you go back to your aspirations of doing Intermediate science and then make a career in that line.

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  • If you are interested to do intermediate once again then you can do it. You can do it through any mode NIOS or regular mode. But your lot of time would be wasting. If you are planning to join the technical field or IT field after completing intermediate science then go ahead. There you would get a lot of job opportunities. Nowadays, computer-related jobs are more in demand like Digital marketing, web designing, animation etc compare to academic jobs. If you want to choose an academic job then you should do post-graduation and after that NET and PhD. Then only, you would be eligible for a lecturer job. But, their chances would be less to get a job compared to the IT field. So, your decision to do intermediate in science is a wise decision. You should go ahead.

  • Of course, if you want, you can start again. Interest is very important concerning the career and if your interest is in science then you should make plans in that direction. You can do intermediate studies with science again. You will spend some time in this but you will not have any regrets later. The branch of science is also very wide in itself and that is why there will be more situations in the future when you have to choose a particular one from different branches of science. But keep in mind that whatever subject you complete your studies with, but do not leave any stone unturned in your dedication and hard work. When you follow your goal with full dedication or move forward to achieve it, success is sure to come.
    Science subject will give you many different job opportunities in future and you should be able to take advantage of opportunities at the right time along with your qualifications. Then you will get success. After doing Intermediate in Science, the graduate should also take a thoughtful decision because there are more options in this subject, then many times the Confession also becomes more. As far as scholarship is concerned fir this you should ask for detail from related boards or organisations.

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