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    Requirements of becoming Principal

    Interested in taking up a job of Principal? Want to know the eligibility criteria? On this Ask expert page find career related advice so that you can decide what to do ahead.

    I have been teaching in a senior secondary school affiliated by cbse for 24 years. I have done Phd but I have not done BEd. I have also served as V Principal for four years on deputation in one of our branch and have carried out all relevant duties including serving as observer for other schools. I have been Head Examiner for many years for the evaluation ptocess.Do I need to do Bed for Becoming Principal
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  • I think you are working in a private school. For any government school to become a teacher a degree or diploma in education is required. Without that qualification, one can't become a teacher in any government school. But for becoming a lecturer in any college, no B.Ed is required.
    If it is a private school and as already you are working there for a long time, you need not worry about B.Ed. The management may consider your candidature for the Principal post. But if you want to become a teacher in a government school and you want to become a headmaster in the government school. you should do B.Ed. To become a Head Master you should have some minimum working experience in teaching. In government schools, teachers will be promoted as Head Masters based on their seniority.
    The essential qualifications for a graduate teacher are graduation and B.Ed.
    The essential qualifications for a lecturer are a Post-graduation and then NET qualification. or a PhD in the concerned subject. Some private colleges may consider without NET and they may consider any post-graduation for lecturer post.

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  • B.Ed. is an essential qualification for entring the teaching arena. But you have already entered in this line long back and have such a long experience of working as a teacher, examiner, and vice principal and I do not see any reason why your candidature for the post of principal is not being considered by the management. When it comes to posting the people in higher posts then a decision is taken on a consideration based on totality and not a particular qualification which one should had acquired so many decades back.
    The problem in this matter may come up if there is another candidate with equal experience as you have but is having B.Ed. qualification also. In such a situation you don't have a right to claim for the post of Principal.
    The management in the colleges or institutions especially in private institutions take a decision based on so many factors and not one particular characteristic of the candidate.

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  • Nowadays, B. Ed is essential requirement for becoming teacher in private as well as govt school. As mentioned above, you have been working in school as a teacher since long time so, school authority not demanding B. ED degree. But, in govt school without B. Ed you would not be eligible for teaching and higher post. As you having long experience of different field so, school management should consider about your candidature for the post of principal. But main fact is, everywhere competition is there and if some candidate having more qualification and experience compare to you then how can you claim for principal post. Moreover, they consider many other factor also for the principal post like age, experience etc.
    As far as Ph.D degree is concerned, it is essential requirement for lecturer post. Ph. D degree is not relevant for school related job.

  • Though B.Ed is the most sought after qualification for the aspirants making career in the teaching profession but in your case, you have accumulated huge experience in this line. Your role was different in the different times and you have worked in various capacities such as working as a teacher, an examiner for evaluation of copies of the students studying in different stages apart from your active role as a vice principal. If we sum up your career, it has been the excellent one with your involvement nurturing the career of students.
    I don't see your deprivation of your further promotion as a capacity of Principal. The appointing authority would look into your achievements which you have shown in the different capacities.
    Every parameters go in your favour for your further promotion but there might be a constraint in case a candidate is having similar plus points as that of yours but he has acquired a B.Ed degree in addition to the similar qualification of yours.
    However, I would not discourage you from appearing at the interview of Principal. You could be one showing your enough potentials during the process of interview and might be a successful candidate.

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