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    Suggestions for a house name in Tamil

    Keen to give your new home a Tamil name? Check out the suggested names in the responses below.

    I am looking for suggestions for house names in Tamil or as per Tamil meanings for my newly built house which may include:
    1) Our names: Palani, Lakshmi, Sonika, Tanshika (Some names suggesting all names put together)
    2) Lord Muruga different kinds of names, or
    3) Names of Gods
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  • Whenever we have a house and we want to name it then it is always a very thrilling and exciting time and we have to find a name of our choice as well as the one which signifies about the house in one or two words. Most of the people like to give a name pointing to their culture and traditions while some others will writer give a modern name.
    Some of the names in Tamil or words easily understandable by Tamil people which come to my mind are as follows -
    Laxmi Sagar, Namah, Ratnam, Gokulam, Aarjavam, Aravindam, Guru Krupa, Arpanam, and Kutumb.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Everybody wants to keep their house name meaningful. So, sometimes they keep house name on the name of God. There are different name of house in tamil which are as follows:-
    1.Ananda Nilayam
    3. Ratnam
    7. Anbukkudil
    8.Inba Nilayam..

  • A home is a place where the residents expect peace, happiness and prosperity. As such there are sentiments attached for even selecting a name for it.
    While the basis and taste varies in individual cases, generally people name homes relating or connecting to the members of the family or ancestors, the local deity by its various names, the family deity, or some positive and auspicious sounding words. Usually people avoid any negative sounding words.
    In your case you have rightly given suggestion clue- related to members of your immediate family, Lord Murugan or name of gods. Hence there is lot of choices available.
    I shall give a few such suggestions.
    1. Son-Tan Palace- This contains the first letters of members of your family.
    2. Tanson Palace- another variation of above
    3. Saravana Bhavan
    4. Saravana Ilam
    5. Swarnalakshmi- It relates to the meaning of names of Sonika and Tanishika and also includes Lakshmi.You may suffix Illam, Nlayam, Manai, Kudi etc.
    6. Anbakam
    7. Iraivan Arul
    There are just suggestions and the final selection should be done by discussion among the immediate family members and reach a good, apt, relevant name.

    Best Wishes.

  • With your name itself you can have the house name as Lakshmi Nivaasam.
    Other names are
    1. Palani Mahal
    2. Murugan Arul
    3. Tanshisoni Illam
    4. Lakshmi Illam

  • Everybody wants to keep a good and lucky name for our newly built house. As you suggest keeping God's name is the best. You can also keep "KanDhrusti Vinayagar " photo in the entrance to get rid of evil eyes. Here is a list of my suggestions for your new house name:
    1. Palani Anbagam
    2. Lakshmi Kamalalayam
    3. Tanshika Kuralagam
    4. Sonika Ezhilagam
    These are my suggestions. Just have a list of your suggestions and just consult astrologer if the name is lucky for you.
    All the best.

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