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  • Suggestions for names for house with late mother's name

    Can't think of a suitable name for your home that you wish to name after your mother? Check out the options on this Ask Expert page.

    I purchased a new row house recently. I want to name that on my mother's name. My mother expired in 2013. My mother's name is - Kasturi Debi. First I was thinking of only using "Kasturi" (written in Hindi), but would like other suggestions.
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  • Well normally people go with the name and then with it house for example
    with stylistic writing and calligraphy, you can make few additions to the words and customise how it looks. My personal opinion is that I like Kasturi-Kutumb best it sounds more respectful and loved.
    To place kutumb with someone's name is like giving them respect that we will always be part of you no matter where you go, we still are in debt to you for bringing us in this world and giving this beautiful life and this word feels like amalgation of feelings.

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  • By the way, your mother's name is quite unique in itself, so if you choose her first name as a household name, then it will look quite unique, yet you have some suggestions of names. I am giving some names with the reason why they will be suitable for your house name.

    Kasturi Chaya - As a mother always keep us safe in her shadow.

    Kasturi Mahak - As the fragrance of Katuri has its importance.

    Kasturi Villa - It sounds quite royal.

    Kasturi Mahal - As she is always a queen of your family.

    Kasturi Vardaan'- As your life is a Vardaan by her.

    Kasturi Maan - It includes both the initial of names you and your mother.

  • If your mother's name starts with kasturi then you can add another word related to house to make it meaning meaningful for example:-
    1. Kasturi bhawan
    2. Kasturi villa
    3. Kasturi niwas
    4. Kasturi sadan
    5. Kasturi house
    6. Kasturi home
    7. Kasturi mahal
    Most of the people keep house name like that only. Generally add suffix Or prefix in the name of house to complete it.

  • Using your mother's respectful name there could be many combinations and some of them coming to my mind are -
    1. Kasturi Niketan.
    2. Kasturi Dham.
    3. Basera Kasturi.
    4. Kasturigaar.
    5. Kasturi Yadgaar.
    6. Smriti Kasturi.

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  • If you want to add some attractions in your mother's respectful name, you have to choose combinations which would appeal to the visitors unique and they would not easily forget the combination. Here are a few such combinations which even you cannot ignore the same -
    1) Kasturi Ashram
    2) Kasturi Niwas
    3) Kasturi Kunj
    4) Kasturi Smriti
    5) Kasturi Sadan
    6) Kasturi Dham

  • Kasturi is very famous and popular as a perfume. It is a product obtained naturally from the male musk deer. So if you name it Kasturi, it will be very appropriate. Life in the house will be very pleasant. Your mother name will also be there. So it is good to have the name "Kasturi".
    You can name the house "Kasturi Nilayam" which means that the place where Kasturi stays. You will feel happier because the name says that the house belongs to Kasturi.
    You can think of naming the house as "Kasturi's Gift" which means that the house is a gift from your mother.
    Another name that comes to my mind is" Kasturi Krupa". The meaning of this is that the kindness of Katuri. That means the house is because of the kindness your mother has shown to you.
    You can think of 'Kasturi palace" also. But my preference is the first one that is "Kasturi".

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  • You can have various alternatives by adding a prefix or suffix some relevant meaning words.
    Some such names coming to my mind now are suggested below:
    1. Kasturi Prasad
    2.Kasturi Kutumb
    3.Maata Kasturi Aashirvaad
    4. Kasturi Ashirvaad
    5.Kasturi Anugrah
    6.Kastur Prabha
    7.Kastui Kripa
    8.Kasturi Kaanti
    9.Kasturi Ghar
    10.Kasturi Vaas
    You may add prefixes like Sadan, Ghar, Kutumb, Nilayam, Bhavan, Gruham, etc. to Kasturi.

  • It is happy to see your attitude to have the name of your house with your mother's name. The thing Kasthuri is a rare one which is derived from a kind of deer. Rich people and notorious people used to have thilak by adding the Kasthuri. The star maids are called as 'Kasturi Tilakam'. So, your house can be christened as
    1. Kasturi Thilakam
    2. Kasturi Gruham
    3. Kasturi palace

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