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  • Can anybody help identify this coin or the language on it?

    Finding it idffficult to know what is written on a couple of ancient coins? Lookoing out for answers on this page? Scroll through this Ask Expert page where you can get all the infromation about the coins.

    I have been given two coins long ago but never knew their origin. They might not be coins but medals or just some antiques. Can anybody help identify what they are or at least what language is on them? The two sides of the coins are shown in the pictures attached to the question.


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  • Deciphering old coins is a very precision and tedious work and few archaeologists or history researchers might help in this. One common method is to give them to the department of archaeology, Govt of India and after studying they will return it to the owner. That way its approximate market cost will also be indicated. They look like some brass or copper or some alloy metal coins which were very common during the medieval times across many countries in the world.
    From the figures and characters engraved on these coins they might belong to the East Asian countries which were there in the region present day occupied by Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. There was trade connections between these countries and India in old times and it is possible that coins of these places will be available in India and adjoining region.
    Another interesting point is that during that time these East Asian countries were greatly affected by the Indian culture and tradition and that is the reason that some of the deities there resemble our Hindu Gods. The figure on the coin is also looking like some old traditional Indian divine figure.
    I would suggest to do one thing that install Google lens in your smartphone and then give this image there. The lens app will bring many similar images and that might give a clue to that language but that would require some idea of old coins of that time. So you might have to show those images to some History professor who should be preferably a guide for the history PhD students doing their research in ancient or medieval history.
    There are some coin traders available in big cities and they have remarkable knowledge about these things because of business reasons and taking their help is also a good idea. You can consider that as an option.

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  • I have seen the coins mentioned by you and I compared them to the coins that are available with me from different countries. I am not sure but think of the following two options.
    1. They may be belonging to South Korea. Some coins I brought when I visited that country. These coins appear to be similar. The same pattern is visible there. Their cons are also having the pictures of people, birds and Gods etc,
    2. Some countries surrounding India like Malaysia and Myanmar etc. The coins belonging to these countries also are somewhat similar to the coins you have shown in your post.
    But my suggestion to you is to approach the Archeological Society of India. They will be working on such investigations only and definitely they can help you in correctly identifying the origin of these coins. There are many researchers in ASI who do a lot of research in similar areas.

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  • I'm not completely unknown for this kind of coins. It is looking like copper or alloy metal which was very common 50 years ago. As far as I know, It belongs to foreign coin and maximum probability this coin runs on Mynamar. If you want to more about this coin then you should consult for numismatist which research on coins only. As you know, numismatics is the study of coins and many researchers studies on coins only. They will give detail knowledge about it.

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