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  • How to start a career after a long gap?

    Planning to start a career in computing domain after a long gap? Searching for advice on how to begin? Here, our experts have provided you detailed advice on how to proceed.

    I have done PG in computer science and after that also MBA with HR(correspondence), but due to some family responsibility, I could not go for a job. Now I am thinking to start my career with a fresh but I am afraid my long gap may create some problems in this. I have completed my MBA in 2017. After that, I did not pursue any course or degree.

    Now I am planning to go to Pune and start a new career with private companies. At the initial level, I can start any profile like IT, Backend, Operations except voice process. I need suggestions from the Experts, should I pursue a short-term course from Pune or should I join a consultancy that provides direct job placements. Your suggestions are valuable to me.
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  • As mentioned above, you have completed PG in computer science and after that MBA with HR. You having good qualifications from a career point of view and you should not waste your time in taking more degrees and diplomas. You should start your career with these degrees. As you know, nowadays computer skill is more in demand in every walks of life so you can get job easily. There are a lot of software company where you can try for the job. As far as the long gap is concerned, there may arise some question regarding gap but If you having good knowledge and skill then they may consider about your problem. If you having good knowledge of computers then you can start your own business. There are various career options available in the computer field where you can try are as follows:-
    1. Database administrator,
    2. web developer,
    3. software engineer,
    4. Information system security officer,
    5. Network Administrator
    6. Application architect

  • Considering your qualification in PG domain apart from your MBA qualification, it would be better for you to grab some opportunity with which you can be comfortable in the areas of computer modules since this field needs a lot of talented persons to show their outstanding skills. Without making any delay, you need to approach a job consultant with your latest update of your resume. Ensure that your resume is attractive enough in the eyes of the employers. You may add some plus points in your resume highlighting your achievements either in extra curricular activities in terms of sports or in your academic performance. It should not be necessarily very exhaustive but should be in the precise form indicating your worth.
    There are different job consultants such as or any established consultant having tremendous rapport in providing matching job for the aspirants.
    The gap between your achievements of qualifications earned and your unemployment might impact you only when you cannot impress your employers with your ignorance of the topics they would be interested to know from your end. Hence it is always better to brush up your basics taught in your class - room. Remain in touch with the books so that you are updated in your area.
    Pay attention to your communication skill. The more clarity in your interpretation, the better.

  • You have done PG in computer science. So, you must have studied a great deal of things pertaining to computer area. Out of that is there any specific branch which attracts and interests you more like say animation, coding, web designing etc etc.? Why I am asking this question is because a person can perform in an outstanding way in ones interest area. Another thing is that you have done management degree also in HR and if that is your interest area then you have to align in that direct for seeking a job. As regarding the gap of 3-4 years since completing your academics, please do not bother for that because with little refreshing efforts you will be back on the track.
    Let us now consider what are the opportunities for you in the current scenario. First thing is get yourself registered in some reputed job portals so that you get alerts for various openings in the industry around. Today the job market is very tough and competitive so do not shy away from accepting a small job also because many people ignore such opportunities and then lose time in that, waiting for a suitable big job. Please note that doing a job enhances the skill levels tremendously and then it becomes a platform to move to greener pastures. One gets experiences also during that.
    The whole world is going digital in many areas and in many respects and there is a need of qualified people in the industry. So if you happen to stumble upon some job in some niche area like digital marketing, cloud computing, AI, machine learning, IoT, advanced web designing etc then you can think of doing a short course from some reputed online agency for quick learning in the field so that you get good confidence to work in it and make a career. There are many new jobs which are being created in the area of mobile telephony and data packages and one can consider them also and try to learn the basic Java, PHP, and Android related apps and their designing.
    I agree that competition is everywhere but there are large number of avenues also. One thing that is very important which I must mention is that just having some qualification does not entitle us for a job. Those times have gone. Today we have to enhance our skills on a continuous basis. Studies are not over. We have to sit in the internet and go to reputed sites for learning. There are so many free learning centres including Google Garage. Take their help. Just to inspire you I am doing a free course in Google Garage and there are some lessons which I have to study and then answer a questionnaire and if I pass it will allow me to go ahead in the module to the higher level. I have completed only two modules and there are many ahead but I would try to finish it in a few months.
    So right now do not be much choosy and join a job whatever you are able to get through the agencies as you mentioned and believe me when one struggles in the open field everything is attained in that tough and competitive environment.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You need not worry much about the gap of time, as you have justifiable reason. You may take up any job that can be obtained with your computer education and/or MBA qualification. There can be some initial issues like lesser salary, lower level post etc. But do not mind it.

    Use the opening as a sharpener for further career growth. Once you are in the job get updated in the subjects you have learned and add practical knowledge also. Keep yourselves aware about upcoming opportunities and make yourselves oriented towards them. Develop good contacts in the relevant fields and companies.

    Your intention to go to Pune and take up job with some private companies is quite apt in the present situation. Accept some reasonably suitable job and from then focus on efforts on career enhancement.

    Best wishes.

  • You are a well-qualified person, one can understand from your biodata. Actually how you have spent the last 4 years. What are the activities you have taken up? I suggest the following points for your information.
    1. Trying for a private job in Pune is a very good decision and you can go ahead with that idea.
    2. Make a Biodata with all details of your qualifications and other relevant information. If you can show some experience during the last four years that will be an added advantage. Upload your biodata in job portals like and timesjob com etc. These sites will be sending you job updates that are suitable to your qualification and you can apply for them. At the same time once in a while you can go through those sites and search for suitable openings and apply for those posts also.
    3. You can search for some important HR agencies in Pune on the internet and send them your details. You can also contact them through the contact details they have given on their websites and talk to them and do the needful. But be careful in selecting the agencies and never pay any money to any agency before they get you a job. Employers will make the payment to these agencies and there is no necessity for the candidates to pay. If at all you have to pay some money you should pay only after joining the job.
    4. You never wait for a posting in a very good company. Join in any job in the line that is suitable to you even though the company is a small company and the salary may not be up to your expectations. Once you join any of these companies your biodata will become more powerful.
    5. While trying for a job, you can do some short term certification courses that are in demand. Once you complete such certification you may get more chances,

    always confident

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