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  • Namkaran for office related to 9 and home

    Are you planning a suitable Sanskrit or Hindi name with number 9 for your home? Looking out for advice here? You can check out the suggestions from our ISC experts and can select the best one.

    I need a name related to home and from number 9. Something unique and easy to say related to sanskrit word.
    Actually I'm an architect and searching name for my office. My date of birth on 9 so that's why 9 number and my work is to design homes so for that I need a name related to home.
    Need a Hindi word or some sanskrit accent and easy to say and pronounce.
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  • Nine (9) is already an auspicious number and including it in one's home name or office name makes sense. You are interested to include it in the name of home or office and in Hindi or Sanskrit generally Nava- is the prefix for nine. So any word of your choice having Nava- in its starting would be a nice thing in this case. Please note that Nava- prefix is used for the meaning of 'new' also.
    I can suggest some of them as follows -
    1. Navadurga.
    2. Navagraha.
    3. Navami.
    4. Navaratna.
    5. Navasas.
    The items from 1 to 4 are very clear. Item 5 means 9 x 9 and it can also be used for some specific business activity.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I would suggest as following:
    1.Navanirman - Here Nava can mean nine and new. Nirmaan is product, construction etc.
    2.Navoday(Navodayam,Navodaya etc too) Here also Nava means New and Nine too The name means New sunrise, which can essentially mean New start.
    3..Navagraha kripa- which can mean benevolence of the nine planets.
    Navaneetam or Navaneet- New(fresh) butter. But the nava also stands for nine.
    4. Navagunit - Nine fold( You can suffix some relevant word too) like navagunit saukhya etc
    5.Punarnava- New again

    These are just suggestions. You may review and weigh all pros and cons and come to a finaldecision.

    Best wishes for your venture.

  • You are going to start a new office which deals with architecture and you want to have something related to nine also in your name.
    Visvakarma is a very famous architect who planned excellent buildings as per Hindu mythology. The famous Mayasabha of Pandavas was designed by him. So I suggest including his name in the name of your organisation. So you can name your office as "Nava Visvakarma architects". Here the name indicates the field to which it is related. There are two meanings for the word Nava. They are new and none. So I feel the name is very opted and it will give prosperity to your profession.
    In addition to the above the following also you can consider
    1. Nava gruha designs
    2. Nava Nirmana
    3. Nava Soudha niramana

    always confident

  • You want to start your home or office name with number nine. So, nine is pronounciated as nava in Hindi. Obviously, It is very good number for naming home or office. Here, I am suggesting some good name for home or office which are as follows:-
    2.Nava Nirman
    4. Navoday

  • Though there are many names starting from the 9 or Nav and most of them are already suggested by other authors, I like to give my suggestions too with the meaning of the name suggested.

    1 Nav-Khand - It means nine divisions of land which according to our religious books are Bharata, Ilavart, Kimpurush, Bhadra, Ketumal, Hari, Hiranya, Ramya, and Kush.

    2 Nava-Graha - On the basis of astrology tradition, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are the nine planets that show their defeat from time to time.

    3 Navadevi - Nine goddesses have been mentioned in the religion from the beginning, and the nine days of Navratri tell its importance.

    4 Navratna - This word has been of great importance in our history because there were some special artists in the court of great rulers who were called Navratna.

    5 Navachaar - This simply means from new, a novelty that has come with a big change.

    6. Navdisha - A form that has come in life like a new direction.

    7. Navlekha - A new written.

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