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    Marriage not acceptable to parents because my fiancé's father has night blindness

    Have a problem getting parental consent due to a genetic problem in the family member of the fiancé? Get some advice on how to tackle this situation.

    My fiance's father has a genetic night blindness disease. my parents are not accepting our marriage due to this problem. My fiance is not having any such problem till now. I also do not have any such genetic problems.

    My question is after marriage will our children get night blindness disease since my fiancé s father has it? What to do?
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  • Although the main reason for night blindness is believed to be the lack of vitamin A in the body, you have not been told that since when your fiance's father has this disease, actually due to lack of vitamins in the body, there is weakness in the eyes. And there is less in the eyesight, in some cases, it causes night blindness in the eyes. In some other cases, there is also a problem of night blindness due to cataracts. There are also some other factors like lack of diet.

    There is not some mainly factual example for night blindness in genetic form, but it would not be right to deny it completely. In this case, it is better that you consult a good ophthalmologist. Along with this, when you and your family will take equal care of your health, that is, give importance to a balanced diet, then this type of problem is less likely to happen in the future.

    Marriage is an important and special part of life, in which the happiness of family along with us is considered not only for the immediate but also for the future. For this reason, it is appropriate for your family to be concerned. You should consult a good eye specialist and clear all doubts of you and your family. Night blindness is not such a disease that can not be treated, so just relax and be concerned with a specialist.

  • Any genetic disease can manifest itself in the coming generations but chances of it occuring are not certain and are probabilistic in nature. You can of course consult an expert on these matters and get the correct advice.
    In our lives there are so many things present in our body in hereditary forms and we cannot avoid them as they are inbuilt in us. The only thing which is in our hands is to take care of our health and consume healthy food.
    Hereditary elements are a subjective research and very limited knowledge available about them so just hearing and having an apprehension about a hereditary disease that it will definitely be reflecting in our children is not a correct thing.
    In my opinion you should not have any fear or apprehension about this disease going to be present in your children and with that you can go ahead in relationship with your fiancee.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are many reasons for night blindness. Actually. night blindness is not a disease. But it is an indication of some illness connected to the eyes. People with night blindness may not get their eyes adjusted easily to the light condition outside. When we enter into a dark room we can't see anything immediately but slowly our retina will get adjusted and we will be able to see normally. This reaction time is more in the people with night blindness. Some people may not be able to see in the night. Even though night blindness may come due to some genetic disorder but getting it as hereditary is very uncommon.
    I don't think that you need not worry about this problem and you can convince your parents by getting a doctor report. You can consult a good ophthalmologist and discuss with him and get a report from him on this problem. You can take his opinion on this. That will give confidence to your parents and then you can go ahead.
    Even though this is a genetic problem and chances of going through generations is very range and very limited such cases are reported.

    always confident

  • The issue which you are discussing needs to be reevaluated with the consultation of the eye specialist so that the exact cause of suffering of your fiancé's father could be ascertained. On the face value it appears that he is suffering the vision problem due to genetical issue.
    However, this could be confirmed only with the thorough examination of the specialist.
    Sometimes, it might be due to minor problem such as night blindness or a cataract problem either in one eye or both. In such cases, he would be required supplementation of Vitamin A dose of the appropriate quantity to take care of night blindness. In case of Cataract, he might need a minor surgery with an expert eye surgeon.
    So at this juncture, you cannot establish a firm opinion regarding the real issue with which your fiancé's father is suffering. If you get a confirmation from the eye specialist that the disorder has generated from the genetic disorder and so further treatment is not possible in his case but that it would not mean that your kids would have the same issue since not necessarily there is always occurrence of such chances. Genetics deals with the disorder of both sides of the parents. May be child has taken the chromosome of your generation and hence his eye health would not be affected.
    At all the stages, your consultation with a reputed eye specialist is essential and you need to follow his advice.

  • Many people thinking like this. If you and your family persons satisfied with the family details,girl's look etc., no need to consider the set backs like this. These are all the things find to avoid the alliance. If you all satisfied in this alliance in all other matters please go ahead and after getting marriage in that family you can take up your father-in-law to a good doctor and contribute your service to him and his (sorry your) family.

  • Night blindness can be serious in some cases while in a few cases it might be a temporary phases which can be cured an any expert opthalmologist.

    But the parents here in this case object to the marriage because they do not want their daughter to visit Hospitals with her husband and worry constantly in the near future.

    But after allowing them to get engaged and accepting as her fiance the parents are not doing justice to think again after coming to know about the would be father-in-law's night blindness.

    Radha Krishna

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