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  • Best Unani products for parasitic infections

    Suffering from parasitic infection in the body? Check out the suggestions on which Unani products would be good to take to treat such infections.

    What is considered the best or leading anti-worm herbal product in Unani medicine? That is a product that will enter the blood to detox the body from helminths. Also what is the top Unani immune balancing product that will help the body effectively fight harmful organisms?
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  • Parasitic infections are mainly caused by single-celled organisms called protozoa. They will multiply within the human body. It may be caused by helminths also. These are worms and larvae. But they can't multiply in the human body.
    Bloating, Diarrhoea. Fatigue or weakness, Gas, Passing a worm in your stool and Stomach pain or tenderness are some of the symptoms of this problem.
    It is better to consult a proper medical expert to know about the seriousness of the issue and remedial measures. Anyhow the following are some good remedies to this problem.
    1. Papaya Seeds: The seeds combined with honey is a good treatment for this problem. Dry Papaya seeds can be powdered and around 2 grams of the same mixed in honey can be taken two times a day. This will help you in coming out of this problem.
    2. Pumpkin seeds: These are also good for this problem. These seeds will contain amino acids, fatty acids, and the compounds berberine etc. Pumpkin extracts are having some anti-parasitic activity.
    3. Wormwood: This herb contains sesquiterpene lactones and these may weaken parasite membranes. This is a good remedy for this problem.
    4. Berberine is also a good remedy for this problem.
    5. In addition to the above the diet habits will also have a good impact on this illness.n The following are the points to be followed.
    A. Avoid coffee, refined sugar, and alcohol till the problem comes down.
    B. Intake of Garlic is good.
    C.Foods which are rich in beta-carotene like carrots, squash etc are good for this problem.
    D. Buttermilk stored for 16 hours in normal conditions is good.
    E. Avoid meat and fish
    F. Foods which are having Vitamins C and B are also good.
    But initially, I advise you to consult a good Unani doctor and then decide the course of action as per the guidance given by him.

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  • Some of the symptoms that usually enter at the birth of the infection are pain, swelling or warmth around the affected area, persistent fever, fluid drainage, and often red streaks coming out of the affected area. If you experience any unusual symptoms in your body, you should get checked by your family doctor. Neglecting the symptoms can be harmful in the long run. It is extremely important to find out the cause of the infection as some of them can be fatal if avoided.
    The root cause of most illnesses is somehow related to infection. The definite aspect of infection is the entry of an unwanted organism within the body which causes harm to the human body. As soon as our immune system weakens due to some reason, all these starts showing their effect and start increasing rapidly. Some of the symptoms that usually enter at the birth of the infection are pain, swelling or warmth around the affected area, persistent fever, fluid drainage, and often red streaks coming out of the affected area. If you experience any unusual symptoms in your body, you should get checked by your family doctor. Neglecting the symptoms can be harmful in the long run.

    Some special things with the help of which you can avoid this infection.

    Lemon seeds-
    Chew the lemon seeds and swallow them with water, if any kind of parasite is in the stomach then it will be destroyed. Put it in a glass of water and drink it.
    Castor oil -
    Take a glass of lukewarm milk and mix two spoons of castor oil in it.
    cloves -
    Eating one or two cloves daily is good for your health. Clove eliminates small bacteria that occur in the stomach and intestines from the root. Even by eating cloves, it also destroys parasites from the body.
    turmeric -
    Turmeric has always been used as an antibiotic. With the help of turmeric, any infection in the body can be easily prevented. You can take it with food, milk or water.
    Garlic -
    It not only eliminates parasites but also prevents diseases like colds etc.

    Apart from this, take special care of cleaning the hands and nails because the infection of parasites is through these the most.

  • Parasitic infections are caused due to the presence of Protozoa having its tendency to multiply within the system in an exponential ways and any delay in respect of treatment would make the patients weak and animatic often followed by formation of gas in the stomach, recurrent diarrhoea, stomach cramping etc. The following herbs could be helpful.
    1) Cloves - Chewing of two gloves in the empty stomach in the morning and evening could be helpful. But care has to be taken that there should not be ingestion of food items within the interval of 45 minutes before and after the administration of the cloves. This herb has the excellent anthelmintic property to kill the parasitic worms.
    2) Castor oil - It is a potent medicine to flush out the toxins from the body including the removal of worms. This needs to be administered maximum one teaspoon prior to retirement to bed. This is the adult dose and for the children dose should be half of the adult. It may aggravate the diarrhoea initially and hence this needs to be administered under the supervision of the Unani Doctor.
    3) Fruits of Kamala is known for its anthelmintic property and has proved its efficacy in curing the infection. The course and duration would be decided by the Unani Doctor.
    4) Cur cumin takes care in the elimination of parasitic infection and half teaspoon of the same is to be mixed with the lukewarm milk and stirring the same thoroughly, this concoction is to be taken in the night after half an hour of the dinner. The duration would vary depending upon the extent of infection and needs the supervision of the Unani Doctor.
    5) Qrs Deedan Jadid - This Unani medicine is the most effective medicine in expelling out the worms from the system. It not only arrests the formation of Protozoa but it can eliminate the same from the system permanently. The patients need to take two tablets in the morning in the empty stomach followed by lukewarm water. The extent of duration will be decided by the Unani Doctor.

  • The parasitic infections are generally caused by the single celled organisms known as protozoa or the larvae and worms (helminths). These are the two main sources from where the infection originates. The patient will have many symptoms in such a condition like Bloating, Nausea, Diarrhea, Fatigue or weakness, Gas, Passing a worm in your stool, Stomach pain or tenderness, Vomiting, Weight loss etc.
    There are many natural (Unani) medicines or remedies in such an ailment and some of them are Papaya seeds, Berberine, Wormwod, Pumpkin seeds etc.
    Having control on one's diet is also considered a great support for treating these conditions. One has to avoid drinks like alcohol, coffee etc. At the same time more consumption of fibrous foods is desirable. The experts also advise to take curd or yoghurt in such conditions to increase the probiotic activity in the body. Food rich in vitamin B, C, and A are also suggested to be increased in one's diet.
    Use of intestinal detox cleaners like psyllium, beetroot, and flaxseeds is also suggested by some healthcare experts.
    Though the above remedies are prescribed in the natural system but in case of parasitic infections it would be always better to take the opinion of a doctor before taking up any remedy.

    Knowledge is power.

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