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    Confused to choose career through GATE/IES/MBA

    Unsure of the approach to take in an engineering or management career and which entrance exam to appear for? Let our experts provide a clear career path.

    I am a final year BTech Electrical student. I am very confused about what to choose as a career in PSU through the GATE exam or do MBA through CAT exam or IES? My main aim is to get a high salary, gain respect, and have time for my family. Please advise me for a good future.
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  • What is the financial status of your family? This is one of the important parameters you have to consider before making a decision.
    Initially, you concentrate on your GATE. GATE is useful in many ways. It is useful to go for higher studies abroad. Even some good Indian Private Universities are giving seats based on your GATE score. At the same time, all the PSUs are appointing Management trainees, scientists and Engineers based on the GATE score. So you give importance to GATE. Based on your GATE score if you join a PSU you will definitely have a good career prospectus. Even organisations like DRDO is considering the GATE score while appointing fresh graduates as scientists/ Engineers. That is why the GATE score will give you many options. These days working professionals also are doing MBA in distance mode from reputed institutions. So you can do your MBA also while serving in a PSU. Definitely, you will get a good salary in PSUs or government labs and there are many ways to advance the career. You will have sufficient to spend with family also.

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  • There are different tests taken for different lines of careers. IES is the common engineering services test taken by the Govt of India agencies for appointment to good positions in the Govt. If you are good in the academics and are a merit student then I would recommend this to be the first choice. It paves way for a good career in the Govt sector with a lot of future prospects. Incidentally the salary and perks at preset in the Govt service are quite lucrative also.
    Next is the GATE test which is very much popular as many PSUs and business houses give cognisance to it for selecting the people for positions in their organisations. You can very well give a thought to it but remember a good to high score will be required to be obtained in GATE if you are seeking an appointment in the select PSUs or other business units.
    Other alternative is CAT which is the combined test for admission to the reputed management institutes in our country and the main advantage of that is that by doing MBA from these institutions you have a very high chance of getting selected in top companies through the campus recruitment. Only thing is there is a good rush of candidates who would be trying and appearing in this exam and one has to be good or high in merit to get through and seek an admission in these reputed MBA courses.
    You have to consider these alternatives visa-a-vis your endurance and capabilities to secure highest possible marks and then choose one of or more options out of that by appearing in these tests.

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  • Since you have indicated your choice of high perks and would like to have respect of your staffs apart from having adequate time for your family and considering these angles I would recommend you to go in for the CAT preparation so that you join one of premier institutions such IIM Bengaluru , IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kolkata etc. Even selection of the stream should be such that it should be just like a hot cake in the market. Better option in this respect giving you tremendous opportunity is the Finance Stream followed by IT.
    To sum up, if your giving your best shot in the CAT test proving your caliber of high order, you would get your preferred choice both in terms of streams and locations.
    Salary would not be a constraint factor and with the progression of time you will feel elated with your prudent choice.
    Now considering that you have taken up GATE for making up career in the Public Sector, it would not be a bad idea since in the event of your final selection, you would be fitted in their existing basic scale with the two additional increments as a mark of your achievement of GATE qualification.
    Here salary is not the problem since they would pay you hefty perks because of upward revision of the scales but the only drawback at present is that you have work for an extended hours. There is the possibility of your over exertion in such an assignment. Sometimes, you have to manage the work of the next shift, if the officer of the next shift has not turned up.
    Now talking the prospects of IES, you would be satisfied with the pay scale and your future prospects, but here also you will have to work hard even with the extended hours making you dull and exhausted due to their working environment.
    You may decide your career considering the pros and cons of such engagements.

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