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  • Query regarding NEET Application name order format

    Confused about the order in which the name, surname, and parent's name should appear in the NEET application form? Check out the advice that has been provided in the answers below.

    I am from Maharashtra and in my 10th Marksheet, I have my name in the format of Surname, Father's Name, My Name. However, in the Aadhar Card, it is in the format of My Name, Father's Name, Surname.

    So in which of the above two formats should I fill in my name in the NEET application form? Also, should I put the same format in the photograph that will be on my application?
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  • Your NEET application form has to be filled up in the manner accordingly the query appearing in the application form and furnish all the relevant queries accordingly.
    As you have indicated that there is some variance between your 10 th mark - sheet and Aadhar Card where sequence are not matching. This variance should not disturb you. You should fill up the NEET Application Form according to their queries mentioned in each questionnaire.
    Hope you will follow the same.

  • In the NEET application itself, they will give a format, that is to be followed. The names are the same but the only difference is the format So you need not worry about the same. Fill up as per the instructions given in the application. If they have not given any specific sequence, you follow the sequence given in the SSC certificate. In all the places you should follow the same sequence in writing your name. That is also very important.

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  • One should always have a consistency in ones name as it appears over so many documents otherwise it would lead to confusions and doubts at the time of document verification anywhere one goes to attend that in connection with some admission or selection. Please check your name in all the documents you possess and see which one is more prevalent like in your birth certificate, in your high school, in your higher secondary etc and then keep that as the final one that you would be using everywhere. Please fill that NAME only in the NEET application form.
    If you find that your name in Aadhar card is at variance with your name in other places then go for the change in the name in Aadhar card as that can be done easily by visiting the Aadhar centre near your place. In future please keep a consistency everywhere while mentioning your correct name like applying for voter card, driving license, passport etc. This is a crucial matter and is to be dealt seriously.

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