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  • B.Tech disctance mode degree approval (IASE university 2007 batch)

    Do you have any doubts about the validity of a degree that has been suspended through a court order? Are you looking for ways to overcome the issue? Follow this thread to get answers to your queries.

    I have completed my B.Tech by lateral entry mode from IASE University in 2007. The Supreme court has suspended those degrees later in 2017 and AICTE had conducted two exams for the students to certify the degree. However, I could not attend them because I was outside India.

    Now that I am already working in the private sector based on my degree, can you suggest if my degree will be valid for my current job and future private-sector jobs? Can I mention this in my CV for future private-sector jobs? Is there a way to validate my degree again as AICTE and UGC are not responding to queries? Please suggest.
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  • I will suggest you to ask this question in our 'Ask Experts' section so that you can get a detailed answer from our experts who are particularly active in that particular section.

    Through this thread I will also request our concerned editor that if possible please shift this forum thread to the 'Ask Experts' section.

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  • Dear Umesh, thanks for the response. This was indeed posted under AskExpert ----Education --- Professional couurses section itself.

  • Generally, private companies may not worry much about the educational qualifications of the employees who are already working. The performance of the individual will have a role to play. As long as you are delivering the goods and your bosses are satisfied, you will not be under any threat. The show will continue and you may get promotions also. But there may be a problem when you want to shift the job. The new company may verify the qualifications and their validity. They may verify with the present company also. If they come to know about this, they may not consider your candidature. Some companies may not go for verification. It all depends on the company profile and its management.
    I suggest you think of the following ways
    1. Write to AITUC about the problem and ask them to consider conducting again validation examination so that you can appear and complete the examinations. Then automatically your degree will get validated. There may be many other people like you and if you all can collectively approach AITUC the effect may be good. But contacting such people and making an appeal may be a very big task.
    2. ALready you have the expertise and experience. These days many universities are having distance mode of education to almost all the degrees. So you can join one such university and complete the degree so that you can use the newly obtained degree as your qualification. Institute of Engineers, IGNOU and Anna University are some institutes which you can try.

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  • What you have indicated in your confession is understandable. When you passed out the said degree, you were not aware of the further consequences. AICTE introduced a new pattern of test for the validation of your degree but unfortunately you missed that one since you were outside India. However, to sum up the event, the situation for you was beyond control.
    Now dealing with the present situation which goes in favour for you that you are rendering your services to the present employer with your best abilities and so long you remain there, the employer would not take unfavourable decision which will endanger your service.
    The situation could be otherwise if you think of switching to your job in other organisation. In that situation, the new employer would be more interested to verify your personal details already sent to the personnel department of the new employer. Here also when you passed out in 2007, the validation clause was not applicable and hence the new employer could exempt you from procuring such a validation. The new employer could frame his opinion on the experience accumulated from your past service and other performance details of the past company.
    For the safe side, you can acquire AMIE qualification having its approval from AICTE level or you may chase up IGNOU for acquiring a fresh degree in your line.

  • This is slightly a confusing and difficult situation as you have not cleared the special grace examinations which were held by AICTE earlier. Now only thing which can be done is you have to make a special request or appeal to the AICTE that due to certain reasons you were in an outside country and could not manage to clear those exams due to such and such reasons and as a special case may be given a chance to clear them as deemed fit by the AICTE. Please make a detailed application and send it to UGC also for reference and records. Keep a copy of the application with you and tell your company or any company that you have made such a request to the authorities for consideration and depending on that the efficacy of your existing degrees will rest. Then send a reminder after 3 months if you do not get a response. Keep all these papers safely with you. It may so happen that there are some other students like you who are also suffering the same way and AICTE might consider for a review in this case. Till that is resolved you have to harp on your experience of the work you have gathered so far and in private organisations what they want is the productivity and if that is not compromised, you have nothing to worry.

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  • It is a matter of worry that you didn't clear exam conducted by AICTE. Once you try to contact AICTE for conducting this exam again. Another option is, many university conduct B. Tech degree in distance mode like IGNOU, Annamalai university. You can apply in this university for getting fresh degree so that there may not arise problem in future.
    As mentioned above, you are already employee in private company. So, they will not verify your degree because your good work is more important. But, If you want to change your company then definitely, they will verify your degree and experience. So, for securing future you should have valid degree.

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