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  • What is the university admission deadline in India

    Keen to pursue an undergraduate university program in India? Quickly know with expert guidance whether university admissions are still open and if there is a university with academic session starting early in 2022.

    I'm hoping someone can help me find a university in India that still has open application deadlines for international students. From what I can see, semesters start in October, but are there any universities that start in early 2022? Is it only possible to begin a school year in Autumn or can we begin in the next semester? I'm applying with my husband for a BSc in Physics.
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  • By this time generally, the admissions will be completed as the classes will already start. Again admissions will start from April 2022 in the majority of the universities. However, there are many private universities and they may consider admission for foreign students. You can try GITAM Hyderabad or KL University Hyderabad. However, I suggest you conduct a google search to know about the Indian Universities which are still open for admissions to the academic year 2021-22. Based on the information from there he can approach the concerned university.

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  • The present situation in our country is not promising in respect of getting admission timely due to the pandemic phase and as a result in most of the universities, the seats for admission are lying vacant. It would not be difficult for you find out the right one where you can persuade your studies with the right choice of the university.
    Though there are some distant education courses being offered by IGNOU, Kota Open University, Utkal University etc but you would like to have your admission in a regular university of repute, you can make a search through their websites. Of course some of the imminent universities where you can try are Pune University, Delhi University, Kolkata University, Patna University etc. These universities might have some cut off fixed for the admission purpose apart from their admission test and you have to pass this test successfully in order to secure admission.

  • If you are interested in the regular courses then you have to wait for the announcement for 2022 admissions though many institutes have already made that advanced announcement. However admissions will be only during the second quarter of 2022. On the other hand if you are willing to go for an online course then there are many open universities like IGNOU where you can register and choose a course of your choice.
    Some of the good institutions for B.Sc. Physics in India are Madras Christian College, Chennai; Jain University, Bangalore; Loyola College, Chennai; Hindu College, New Delhi; Miranda House, New Delhi; St Stephen's College, New Delhi etc. You can visit their websites and find out the details of the 2022 admissions.
    If you find the institute conforming to your requirement then you have to register in it and then choose or seek more information about a course, its fee structure etc and then proceed ahead in the matter.
    In case you are thinking to go for a distance learning course then there are many institutes which offer it and you can consider them after seeing their credentials online. Some of these institutions are Sri Balaji Correspondence College, Sri Sai Correspondence College, IGNOU, Netaji Subhas Open Univesity, Jain Deemed University, University of Kerala, Calicut University etc.

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  • Because of pandemic situation, most of the university in lndia are not taking admission at correct time. But, gradually everything going towards normalcy. Nowadays, there are many open university through which you can apply for online course like IGNOU, anna university,Netaji subhas chandra bose university. On the other hand, If you are eager to join regular course then you may have wait. Some university made advance announcement for getting admission. Generally, you will get admission on the month of April 2022.

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