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  • Where to study an MCI-approved M.D. program abroad after D.Pharm in India

    Looking for reputed institutes abroad where you can pursue an M.D. program that is approved in India? Check out the list of suggested institutes below.

    I want to do an MD Doctor of medicine abroad after completing D.Pharm in India. Suggest to me an MCI-approved institute to study MD abroad after completing D.Pharm that will be accepted here for me to work in India by completing the MCI-screening test.
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  • There are many universities abroad whose degrees are recognised by the MCI. The students who are graduated from such institutes should write a screening test after coming back to India. Only students who are qualified in that test only will be allowed to register as medical practitioners in any of the states he wanted. Generally, chances for MDs after Pharma D qualified people to clear this test are less and may be very difficult. There are colleges in Russia, China, and many other countries. They have MCI recognition also. You have to search for the eligibility criteria and then you have to apply for them. In stead of spending 3 years time to get the qualification and then try for a job in India, you can try for a good job in India with your present qualification.

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  • I am afraid that you cannot take up the course of MD after acquiring B.Pharmacy in India and the same thing holds good for you that you have earned these qualifications from the foreign universities. If you go through the eligibility criteria for your selection in MD degree in any recognised university including the private ones, you have to have a MBBS degree consisting of five years and six months apart from completion of internship of one year. Then your scorings should be sufficient enough( not less than 65 percent) to appear for the written tests of the different universities.
    Though you have done a B.Pharmacy from a foreign university, your rout to MD in the foreign countries does not appear to justified. You may surf the net for getting the details how you can achieve your ultimate destination.

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