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    Can past private service experience be added in an attestation form later?

    Planning to apply for a PSU job and want to mention previous private service experience in the earlier attestation forms? Know whether this can be done and if it would create any issues for adding it after many years.

    One of my friends has 4 years IT experience and while joining a Telecom PSU, he didn't mention the same in his job application and also after selection he didn't fill those details in the attestation forms. Now while trying to apply for some Specialist Officers jobs or UPSC jobs, he is mentioning private service in the job application.

    Will that be an issue for him in case he gets selected for the new job either in PSU banks or UPSC? WIll the PSU allow him to add this previous private experience now after 6-8 years of service in their company?
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  • There should not be any problem if the certificates are genuine.
    Why he has not shown this experience when he joined the present working PSU? Generally, if our application is not covering our activity for all the years after our education, the organisation will ask the details about that idle time. What is that your friend told the present PSU is important.
    The proof of service that he is producing should be original. Whether that company is existing now and if the employer sends some communication to that organisation. the organisation will send the information asked for or not is also important. When you are changing from one private organisation to another private organisation, there may not be any enquiry. But in government jobs. the enquiry will be done even after joining and if they find anything wrong chances of losing the job are very high. So the information you are presenting should be genuine. The present employer may not have any role in scrutinising your application. But the new employer will ask for proof and if you can provide all those proofs, there will not be an issue.

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  • It was a mistake on the part of your friend not to disclose the genuine experience earned in the private sector while applying in the Public Undertaking. May be the new employer has not taken the same seriously or this point was overlooked from their end.
    Whatever the case is, your friend should take prompt action in intimating the same of the present PSU and after your disclosure, they might direct you to approach the personnel department for such inclusion of your experience. Since the experience of the private sector was the genuine one, you should not be afraid of any enquiry to be initiated from the PSU. However, the case would different if you experience of the private sector is fake one. While doing so, you are making continuity of your service period and that, too, is desirable in all the circumstances.
    However, be prepared to show them proof of your working experience which you have rendered in the private sector.

  • Your friend had not shown his 4 years IT experience while applying for the current PSU job and he is now working in that PSU but wants to now apply elsewhere for some better positions. It was a mistake on the part of your friend not to show that experience at that time and actually it is considered as hiding the facts for whatever reasons considered by him at the time of applying. Generally 4 years IT experience is not a thing to hide.

    Anyway, now as he is applying elsewhere in other PSUs or UPSC positions, he can definitely show that old experience also and it might benefit him in his interview or counselling. There is no problem in doing so.

    But if he is applying for a higher position in the current PSU where he is working then showing that IT experience now would be considered as hiding of facts earlier and would not be considered as added experience. In fact it would make a dent on his reputation in the current PSU in the eyes of the superiors.

    Another point is that one has to apply through proper channel to get the NOC later from the current PSU and when one applies through proper channel then the current PSU will know about those 4 years IT experiences also but generally such correlations are not observed seriously when one is applying for jobs outside so I do not think that your friend will have any problem on that account.

    Considering the above points and suggestions, he can plan his new application for better positions elsewhere.

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