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  • How do I increase the visibility of my upwork profile?

    Have a query about operating profile on upwork? Want to know the exact step by step process of building the profile and reputation? On this page our experts have responded to your query.

    I want my Upwork profile to get noticed for getting work. How do I do the changes to the profile ? What kind of work should I bid for to build up the profile day by day to increase the rating as well as reputation? Any experienced advice in this matter?
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  • There are many freelancing sites where an individual can pick up or grab some floating job and bid for it and complete it and get payment. There are variety of jobs and tasks in the up work and slowly and gradually one can complete them and make a place for oneself by mentioning that in one's profile.
    There are some jobs where scope of earning is mediocre while some jobs are a bit difficult and pay more but everyone cannot attempt or undertake it. So, one has to mention in one's profile all those jobs where one has more proficiency so that the employer or the customer can allot that to the person confidently. Apart from that one has to also mention other general things in the profile as number of working hours per week, strength areas, past experience and past statistics which is of course a vital component of the profile.
    It also makes sense to become a member of the 'Talent Cloud network' which is an Upwork Enterprise client's private group of professional freelancers and agencies. Working with an Upwork Enterprise client makes oneself visible to the job hirers whenever they want to hire someone with that common skill.
    There is a big crowd of workers or freelancers in the upwork site and that is the reason that many tasks are taken up by the established and highly capable players there and it becomes difficult for the new persons to grab a paying job or task from there easily.
    If you want to update or modify your profile in upwork to attract the attention of the people for getting more work then I would advise you to go through some of the outstanding and particular profiles of some successful workers in that platform. You can go to this link and get some of those impressive profile pages which are compiled by one internet author.

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  • When you submit your profile in Upwork, you may have to mention the remuneration you expect on hour and it should be reasonable. If it is on the higher side, many people may not show interest in that profile. We can't keep it very low and bring down the value of our time. So you should be reasonable. Look at that point once. It is my personal experience that money makes matter in many of these cases.
    While presenting your experience instead of mentioning it in a very general way, try to highlight individual achievements and bring out the appreciation and awards etc. you earned. That will make your profile more interesting.
    The title of the profile also will do a lot. It should be short and at the same time, it would give a hint to the client about the skills and expertise you have.
    Try to highlight your earlier freelance works on the site so that people will know about your works. If you have a personal blog mention this in your profile so that people can visit that blog also and remember that you should keep the blog active and post there all your latest works.
    These are some important points one should consider in presenting the profile to the customers.

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  • You need to be specific in your description regarding your blogs and these blogs should be attractive enough to impress the viewers and then you will be required to submit your profile in the up work. You have to intimate the viewers regarding your nature of services and a few such blogs are to displayed for their familiarities with the jobs you are likely to undertake.
    There are different established sites offering their jobs to the interested customers at a very reasonable cost and hence you have to see this angle. If the prices quoted by are high enough, you would get fewer responses but a low quoting from your end would not attract customers either due to their suspicions of the quality output. Hence this being the sensitive point, you need to take up a cautious step in this regard.
    The title of your profile should be such that it could generate a lot of viewers once they come across your sites. Not necessarily it should be a lengthy one but you must be well versed with the full presentation of your skills in a precise manner. You should have a separate blogs where you would be posting your latest skills to influence your viewers.

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