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    10 marksheet dob change

    Facing an issue of wrong dob in a marksheet? Wondering if one can give exam again based on changed dob? Find responses from our ISC experts to understand if such a marksheet is valid here.

    i have 10 marksheet and its dob is different from my aadhar and i cannot change my aadhar card. Can I appear for 9 and 10 again with my new aadhar card from different board and use that marksheet? Is it illegal or not?
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  • The problem is that your Date of Birth is wrongly mentioned on the educational qualification certificate. So why can't you think of correcting the date of birth on the certificate? As proposed by you. if you join in 9th class of another board and then study 9th and 10th again, you have to spend 2 years of your valuable life. Instead of that, there are ways to get the DOB corrected. You can approach the school in which you have studied and apply for correction of the date of birth by producing proper proof and following the procedure. You might have had your birth certificate. If it is not there you can get it from the concerned authorities and apply for correction by attaching the proof. If you contact the school through which you completed your SSC, they will guide you and you can follow and get the correction made.
    Still, if you want you can do SSC again as mentioned by you. You can write the examination as a private candidate also and get the new certificate. But remember that you have to use any of the two only for all your further uses. You can't use one certificate for one purpose and the other certificate for another purpose.

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  • Instead of preparing for the examination of class nine and ten again would mean wastage of two precious years. In your case, it would be better get your date of birth corrected with the concerned authorities. If you are born in a city hospital, you may ask them to provide a fresh date of birth certificate but in such cases, you need to know the date of admission of your mother relating to her delivery.
    If born in a village, approach Gram Pradhan in this regard to help you and once you get this details, approach the SSC Board for the corrections of your date of birth. In this go through the remarks of your school headmaster in your application and your application should be accompanied by the requisite fees required for this purpose.

  • It would not be prudent decision to appear in exam class 9th and class 10th for dob. It would be wastage of time. I think the best decision is to get corrected your date of birth. There are many ways to get corrected date of birth. If you having birth certificate then approch SSC for correction. If your birth place is village then contact from gram prashan. They will provide birth certificate by which you can apply to SSC for DOB correction.
    As far as repetation of class 9 th and class 10th is concerned you can do it from private.

  • Normally the date of birth used for any proof of Identity is taken from the school certificate as valid proof. In your case if the school certificate itself different from a correct one, your first duty is to get corrected from school authorities. For this you first of hold a valid document with correct date of birth either from your hospital birth certificate or birth certificate downloaded from corporation/Municipality relevant to your birth place, You approach for this with your parents (any available documents as proof) In some cases you may have avail the details from the hospital you born if the same is not so later period. You can approach the local authorities either corporation/panchayat/Municipality for obtaining a valid certificate for your correct date of birth. In case it is corporation you can get through online also.
    With that proof you have to approach your school where you have completed SSC and get some sort of nodal and with that you approach the Directorate of School Education in your city, where you have completed SSC.
    For all the above you should go in person and not through any letter or correspondence.

  • From your details it appears that only in your class 10th mark sheet your DOB is incorrect and all other places like Aadhar card, birth certificate etc it is correct. So it is now obvious that you have to get it corrected either from your school from where you did your class 10 or alternately the board office under which the school falls. Once you get your mark sheet of class 10 corrected then your problem is resolved.
    Suppose you do not get a response from your school or board in this matter as they may give so many reasons of not doing that correction then you take advice of a lawyer whether it is possible to do that through a legal court affidavit duly countersigned by the first class magistrate. If the lawyer says that it is possible and preceding cases are there in such matters then you also get an affidavit for the same and keep a copy of it everywhere when you apply for any course as a proof of your correct age.
    There is no point in going again for class 9 and 10 until that is for the improvement purpose.

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