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  • Income certificate correction form for UP scholarship

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    I have been issued an online income certificate earlier but my father's name was incorrect. I have corrected it on his adhaar card. Now I have to correct it in the income certificate. I'm again applying for a fresh one. What should I fill in the place where it is asked that have I been issued an income certificate earlier?

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  • It is always better to mention facts only when we are applying for any certificate. If they search and find that already you have taken once, they will reject your application saying that you have hidden the facts. So never think of giving any wrong information. You can mention that you have taken it once. If it is possible you can say that there is a mistake in the name in the previous certificate. You can also mention that you are again applying with a view of getting the mistake corrected. Then you will get the corrected income certificate and you can apply for the scholarship using this certificate.

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  • Since you are applying the income tax certificate for the second time obviously due to the mistake crept in the Aadhar Card of yours where there was spelling mistake in your father's name and now the same has been corrected needing you to have a fresh application for the tax certificate.
    What I feel that a fresh application form relating to income tax can be filled up with a remark to be incorporated below the form indicating the exact reason for its resubmission. Write down that the father's name has been corrected and hence a new form.

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