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  • Career for a Geography graduate in Government Sector

    Are you a graduate in Geography looking for a career other than the teaching field? Follow this thread to know more about the different options available.

    I have done only graduation. I like studying geography, but don't prefer a teaching job. What are the other fields, especially in geography, in Government Sector? And what should I do to avail these opportunities?
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  • You did your graduation in geography. There are jobs for Geography graduates but if you complete your PG in the same course the chances will become more. The following are some of the jobs.

    1. Survey: Many geography students who specialised in surveys will get surveyor jobs in various government departments including the Geological Survey of India. The job involves surveying and identifying the places based on mathematical study and fieldwork. Many graduates are doing this job. You can try this job.
    2. You can also get employed as Cartographer. This job involves making maps, charts, globes and physical models.
    3. Urban and Regional Planning: After completing your graduation you can try for this job in various government offices where planning is required for housing development and similar constructions.
    4. You can also join as an analyst in various departments including military, real estate, environment departments to analyse geographical data, designs databases and use this data in GIS applications for various applications.
    I sincerely suggest you not wait for a government job and lose time. If you are getting any private job first join in that and then start trying for government jobs.

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  • Geography has applications in many areas and there are many Govt organisations and departments where suitable positions are available for the Geography graduates. One has to appear in the various state and central Govt entrance exams and interviews for selection to subordinate or assistant or supervisory services and qualify in them to secure these jobs.

    Some of the job positions which are common in this career path are Environmental Consultant, Landscape Architect, Cartographer, Town planner, Geographical Information Systems Officer, Conservation Officer, Landscape Architect, Hydrologist, Meteorologist, Pollution Analyst, Travel and tourism Advisor and Planner, Wildlife Conservationist etc.
    Generally after getting selected in specific assistant grade services in Govt sector the candidates will be getting some induction training in the related field before they are associated in a full time job. If you have interest in any of the specific career segment out of the above career paths then going for a online diploma or short course in that would also be a beneficial thing in taking up a job challenge in a better way.

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  • Students in the Geography stream are trained in the data collection, analysis, problems related to identification and evaluation, strengthening their organising skills etc. Apart from that a Geographer must have good communication skills. He should be definitely be comfortable within his working team. With the graduation in this subject, the aspirants might look forward to the careers enlisted below-
    1) Cartography- This area deals with the specialisation of the subcategory of the Geography making maps, charts, globes and models etc.
    2) Survey- They can undertake the profession of Surveyors either by joining the Survey of India or state survey departments or any other private organisation if they have the willing to join such firms. Surveyors are engaged in mapping the surface of the earth by means of Mathematical Observations and Field Work. This is one of the important jobs for the aspirants.
    3) Remote Sensing - Studies relating to abrupt changing of some phenomena such as floods, draught and forest fires etc. Remote sensing satellites can provide host of informations relating to earth surface. Hence they would fit in the research fields in the government sectors.
    4) Climatic Change Analysis- Being a professional in this field, Geographers are required to analyse the scientific dates and accordingly they would carry out research in respect of climatic change. On the basis of that, they can predict regarding the future of the earth climate and weather.
    They can be employed as Forest Managers or as a Project Officer in an agricultural institute depending upon the their specialisation in the areas they have chosen.

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