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  • How to recover from knee pain?

    If you are looking for some remedies for knee pain, you are at the right place. Keep a track of this thread to know different solutions being provided by our experienced members.

    One of my elder uncles is suffering from Knee (folding) pain and is sometimes unable to walk as well due to the joint pain issue. What are the reasons for Knee pain? How to prevent Knee pain? At what age do knee problems start? What are the do's and don'ts for it? Is there any herbal medicine or home remedy that would help with knee pain? Share your opinion on this.
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  • Knee pain is a common problem in many senior citizens. As age increases the strength in the body will come down and the body parts will start troubling us. The problem may start as early as 40 years also based on the weight and height of the individual and the nature of work.
    What is the age of the person and how long he is suffering from that is very important to know the intensity and plan medication. It is better to consult a good doctor who deals with this subject. Based on the severity of the issue doctor may suggest some medicines and/ or Knee caps or surgery in which knee transplantation will be carried out.
    In addition to the above, I like to mention that there are some ayurvedic medicines also for this problem which will give your good response if the problem is not acute. There are very good medicines in homoeopathy and Ayurveda also and I know people who got cured by using this medicine.
    In addition to the above, there are some home remedies also which can be tried. But it all depends on the level of the problem. In any case, it is advisable to see a qualified doctor ad take his opinion. The following are some of the home remedies for the problem.
    1. Please take the advice of a Physiotherapist and plan some physical activities that are suitable for your body. This will help you in reducing the pain;
    2. Take some ice pieces and keep them in a cloth and keep it on the knee and wait for a few minutes and continue the same for some time. This will have in reducing the pain.
    3. Use a bandage cloth and apply tightly over the knee and that will also help the patient in reducing the pain.
    4. Try to keep the knee in an elevated position when you are sitting or lying down.
    5. If you have the problem of being overweight you have to change your eating habits and try to reduce the weight to the desired levels. This will help you a lot in recovering from the pain.
    6. Another important factor is to use some walking aid like a stick so that your knee need not feel the total weight of the body.
    7. Suzok treatment is very good for this problem. similarly, acupuncture is also useful. There are experts in these treatment methods. You can also contact them.

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  • In Ayurvedic System, human body is composed of doshas and mainly out of three doshas, two doshas invariably exist in our system such a person maybe of Vata - pitta type, Vata - cough type or Pitta - cough type and for the knee pain which manifests excess Vata in the system, any Herb or Ayurvedic medicine minimising this dosha would help the patient to restore normalcy of the Knee - pain. With the advancement of the age, there might be aggravation of Vata Dosha if we don't adhere to Ayurvedic Norms such as not taking hot water in winter, taking naps in the day or taking curds in the night.
    However, in the wake of suffering of excess knee pain, the following tips will be helpful to the patients and if practised for a minimum period for at least two month, the results would be amazing.
    1) Use of Guduchi Powder- Guduchi is known as Rasayan in Ayurveda having its potential to pacify the excess doshas prevailing in our body - system. The powder of this churna to the extent of half tea - spoon is to be taken in the empty stomach both in the morning and evening in the empty stomach followed by a cup of hot water. This will enhance the immunity of the body thus reducing the knee - pain.
    2) Vatari Churna - This churna is available in Divya Pharmacy which consists of several herbs working simultaneously within the system to take away the excess Vata. It contains Ginger, Trikatu, Aswagandha, Cur-cumin etc capable of eliminating the excess toxins from the system system causing normalisation of the pain.
    3) Massaging- Massaging the affected area with mild hot mustard oil already treated with a few pieces of Garlic where both the ingredients are allowed to boil for a minute or two keeping the same in an appropriate container and once the temperature drops, the garlic buds are to be discarded and apply the oil on the affected part gently so that this oil penetrates within the skin. A regular massage twice daily will offer relief within a couple of days.
    4) Use of Kaishore Gugglu - Purchase this Ayurvedic formulation of any reputed firm and consume one tablet twice a day after your principal meal. Gugglu along with Nagarmotha, Triphala, Vaibidang etc will purge out toxins from the system offering you permanent relief if consumed for one and half month. This will even reduce your body weight giving you benefits indirectly in the elimination of the pain.
    5) Ensure that you are taking at least eight hours sleep in the night.
    6) Avoid taking excess spices and oils in the preparation of vegetables and your food must be light so that it digests easily providing least chances of aggravation of Vata Dosha.

  • The knee pain is common in nowadays for the persons almost who crossed fifty years. It is not correct to adhere allopathic medicines or pain killers for knee pain. For relief it is better to pursue Ayurveda treatment through some better hospitals. Suggestions can be given here to have a treatment with SDM Ayurveda Hospitals, Udupi, Karnataka which is run by Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Trust and the hospital consists of more than 200 doctors in all specialities with all amenities and facilities but charging very nominally. One can refer their website

  • Knee pain in adults is mainly due to muscle strains and sprains, and in older people it is mainly due to some underlying diseases like arthritis, tendonitis and even cartilage tears. Low grade ligament tears also cause unbearable pain in the knee joint. If the knee pain is severe, it is appropriate to consult an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor will usually prescribe a blood test for checking RA factor and uric acid level as an initial treatment for checking Rheumatoid Arthritis and bone damage. If the patient suffers mild pain, it is better to do leg exercises which help to make the knee bone strong and easy to walk. Another major cause of knee pain is the meniscus tear. Usually it affects people when they undergo trauma or accident. Even in old people, meniscus tear is common due to heavy lifting or injury due to a sudden fall. It is better to consult an orthopedic doctor rather than going for home remedies.

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