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  • Correct Age to appear 10th Std CBSE Board Exam

    Do you have a doubt about the rule regarding age for a student to be eligible to appear for the CBSE board exams? Do you have a question regarding a different set of rules for Kendriya Vidyalayas and private schools? Read on to know what our experienced members have to say on this.

    My son's DOB is 10th Jan 2014. Currently, he is in 3rd std and going to class 4 in 2022. He will be in the 10th std in 2028.
    My question is whether he will be eligible to write 10th Board CBSE exam?

    Many Schools denied giving him admission in 3rd std. But my question to them is that if Kendriya Vidyalaya is following the rule that one should complete 14 years to write the Board exams why do private schools insist on completing 15 years for the same exam?

    I kindly request you to clarify my doubts as I am very much confused.
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  • CBSE rule is for minimum age and maximum age. Private schools will have their own regulations and it is their decision to give admission to a candidate or not. There are schools that are making their own terms and conditions for admission within the guidelines given by the board. You have to pursue with the school administration in this regard.
    As per the guidelines given by CBSE, the minimum age to appear in the 10th board exam is 14 years, as of 31st December of the year of examination. No upper limit of age to appear in the exam is specified. So the school will decide within these guidelines.
    Your son is eligible to appear for the 10th examination in 2028. You have to contact the concerned officer in the school and pursue with him.

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  • If you consider the norms of the private schools, they have the regulations of their own but still they follow the minimum age criteria stipulated by CBSE for the respective classes. As a thumb rule, the minimum age to appear class ten under CBSE pattern is 14 year as on 31 st December of the year of examination.
    As stated by you, there are some schools framing their own rules as 15 years being minimum for writing class ten but the same yardstick does not hold good for all the schools. You might try the other one accepting 14 year as being the minimum age to write the examination.
    Now talking to the case of your son, he would be eligible to write his class ten examination in 2028 when he attains the minimum age eligibility clause. You may chase the school authorities for the admission purpose keeping your view before them. I think they would oblige you.

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