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  • How do I learn more about Elementor for wordpress website development?

    If you are confused about the use of Elementor for developing your website on WordPress, you may keep track of this thread to know more about it from our experts.

    I have recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I am planning to use Elementor for website development. I am a novice in this field of WordPress. Can you help me with an overview as to how it works and where do I find the complete step by step information for the same?
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  • WordPress (paid and free platform) generally going well and many webmasters' or web-developer recommend it. There are various benefits of Wordpress platform compare to others for sure though the others are not lesser in terms of various features which mostly we don't know or don't try to use but follow the crowd sometime.

    Most of the option in Wordpress are easy or drag the theme in a preferred place within its menu beside adding enough content whether it could be of text, image, video, adv or presentation etc.

    Many plug-ins are available for WP that helps many to use it effectively.

    If you would like to develop your Wordpress website then there are many guides available per your query.

    You can try to visit and go through complete detail and FAQ from

    Also, you can check this

    In addition, this link would help you to learn the basic WP menu setting and on.

  • Wordpress is one of the leading platform for blogging and other internet activities related to business and online business transactions. It gives many facilities for designing ones website ported in Wordpress. It also provides a large number of plug-ins for website development and that is the reason why it is so popular with the bloggers and other people who want to establish in some business activity using a blogging platform. There are a large number of users in Wordpress using it from simple fun blogging to serious professional consulting and other such services.
    Elementor is one of the major utilities, especially for beginners, in Wordpress by using which a user can build his website in the desired fashion using the various facilities provided in it. Once you install Wordpress in your device and register in it (free or paid) then you can go to 'plugins' and then click on 'add new' and search for elementor. After getting it on your screen you have to 'install' it and then 'activate'. This completes the elementor setup.
    Now one can make new pages in it by clicking the 'pages' and 'add new' and then one can choose from a wide range of templates, adjust the widths, side bars, add a widget, change fonts, change background, making pages to mobile requirements, and many other things.
    If you want to learn advanced features about using elementor and tutorials related to it then I would recommend you to go to the site where there is a lot of information and links available for learning about this popular application used by a large number of people inside Wordpress for building effective website designs.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Elementor signifies the Wordpress Website Builder where there is the existence of millions of Wordpress sites using to create contents and designs with the application of visual drag and a drop editor.
    Function of Elementor Page Editor - By means of an elementor, we can create function designs without the use of a code or a CSS. The designs created by us are responsive by defaults looking very attractive on the desktops, tablets and mobiles.We can insert numerous professionally designed templates so as to save time and later it can easily be customised using simple control. The speciality is that we can create designs faster with the less possibilities of being slowed down by any glitches.
    In that way, we can constantly improve front end performance with the formation of a quick loading site.
    Features of Elementor Pro -
    Elementor Promcan give us an access to powerful new feature which can be used practically in all our designs.

  • When you migrate any blog from Blogger / Blogspot to WordPress, you need to set up a few basic Plugins of WordPress according to our requirements. You should use updated WordPress or plugins for your blog. According to your question, you want to use Elementor on your site.
    No doubt Elementor is one of the best drag-and-drop tools of a page builder for WordPress. Don`t worry if you are not tech-savvy. With the help of Elementor, you can easily apply Buttons, blocks, etc on visual mode.

    How to install Elementor in your WordPress
    Go to Your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins then click Add New. In the Search box type Elementor and click Install. When Elementor has been installed on your Site, click Activate

    How to use
    You can use Elemetor in your new and existing posts. You need to select the position where you want to use the "plus +" button to customize your blog structure.

    To use the full features of Elementor You need to use Elementor Pro Version.

    Phagu Mahato
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