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  • Will a break in studies have any effect on my job prospects?

    Have you missed any class during your schooling and are you in doubt whether the break will have an effect on your job prospects? Follow the opinion of our experienced members in this thread.

    My name is Karthik. I am from the Adilabad district in Telangana state. I have completed my graduation this year.

    I studied in a village school from 1st Std to 3rd (in 2008). Due to health issues, my father expired in 2008. I did not attend the 4th standard due to some personal reasons and some other financial issues. One year later, I joined another school in another village directly to the 5th Std because of my age after proper assessment by the authorities.

    So my doubt is whether having a break in my studies will affect my prospects of getting a government job? I have only 1st to 3rd & 5th to 10th bonafide certificates. Will it create any problems in case there is a document verification?
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  • There will not be any problem because of that gap. You have completed your graduation now. That means based on your 10th result you got admitted to intermediate and to graduation with your inter or 12th qualification as the basis. You have followed 10+2+3 system only and has been successful .
    During verification of documents the officials will ask for 10th certificate generally and other certificates related your educational qualifications. If they ask for study certificate in primary classes then only you have to show and there will not be any problem. Many students earlier used to skip one class and go for the next class by taking an half yearly promotion. They will not have any problem in getting selected for a job because of that.
    So don't worry about that and try your best to face written tests and interviews well for getting a good job. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • The doubt which you have raised regarding your discontinuity of class four in the wake of your personal issues apart from your health crisis is baseless. In the education system, 10+2+3 criteria is followed indicating that you must pass class ten, twelve and then you have to pass your graduation and at all the costs, this sequence is to be maintained.
    Wherever you go whether for higher studies or for any interviews for a job, the authorities would look into these academic certificates for your consideration for that assignment.
    You might have seen that there were patterns of offering double promotions to some aspirants in the wake of their impressive performance in a particular class and such award have not affected their violations of the existing pattern of 10+2+3.
    Without being so much emotional, show your best in the forthcoming test. Wish you all the best.

  • The last and latest qualifying certificate will be the basic criteria for job etc.
    If you have some skill and experience in a particular job or sector ,then that will be what will be counted more practically. You need not bother about the gaps that occurred during your primary or upper primary education. Sometimes there can occur a doubt as to why you passed your graduation later than the usual age group. In case such a question is put up to you you can frankly answer with facts. Normal people will only appreciate your attitude and hard work.

    For most purposes the 10 th (SSLC/SSC) certificate is he one basic document scrutinized, which you have.
    So I suggest you not to feel bad or doubtful, but confidently march ahead. Try to acquire more knowledge and kills as possible using spare time positively. Face interviews with self confidence and frankly and truthfully; on getting a job put your sincere efforts on it and learn the job and be expert experienced as early as possible. Go on updating knowledge and skills and enhance your career and opportunities.

    Best Wishes.

  • During the primary education phase this is a common thing that some students either repeat their classes or skip a class for some time especially in the poverty stricken belts in our country and that is not a big issue when seen from a total educational perspective. Sometimes due to adverse personal situations also these things happen and there comes a gap in the primary education sequence.
    It is to be noted that in all the job selections or higher education admissions the credentials that are asked are 10+2 or 10+2+3 or 10+3 and if you possess that in a rightful manner there is nothing to be worried. Keep all your latest educational credentials that is certificates and mark sheets in order and apply for any admission or any job post and present them in original at the time of any counselling session or interview proceedings. There will not be any problem to you due to the gap in your primary education.

    Knowledge is power.

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